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Tights With Crystals In Alleviate Stress And PMS And We Need Them In Our Lives.

The Debrief: They're basically heaven in hosiery form.

If you’re a fully paid up member of the dress appreciation club, you know that tights are a necessary evil of winter. But that doesn’t make their badly timed ladder parties or falling waist band ballsups any easier to bear. Sometimes it can feel like that not-so-innocent pair of 40 denier is out to bring down your very existence. 

But turns out that tights have been allotted a prematurely bad rep. A new hosiery brand - Item M6 - have released a pair of tights that are said to cure PMS and give you maximum chill. Apparently this heavenly hosiery from the German legwear company will also reduce blemishes and, get this, they’re covered in crystals!

The hosiery – known as Beauty Tights – have ceramic sparkly gems melted to their yarn which is said to turn the wearer’s body warmth into infrared radiation. Basically it’s a sauna for your legs, guys. Sounds weirdly awesome right?

These are the tights that just keep on giving; Item M6 say that they fit so precisely that they stimulate the spleen 6 meridian – erm, say what now?! – which is an acupressure point said to boost your energy levels and help with insomnia and PMS symptoms. And shut the front door – they also tackle cellulite. 

item m6

For any doubters out there already busy critiquing this pseudo-science, apaz Contributing Vogue editor, Eviana Hartman, is super pleased with her purchase and feels like they made a maximum difference to her life OK. 

 'I could have sworn my skin felt softer afterward. The tourniquet effect was pleasant—calming, even. As for the results of all that spleen meridian stimulation, it’s hard to say. But I was mostly happy and productive during that fortnight, and after wearing them on a six-hour JFK-to-LAX flight, I noticed a conspicuous absence of jet lag,' said  Eviana Hartman said.

So all we’re wondering now is: how have we lived this long without beauty tights?!

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