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Quiz: Which Riverdale Character Are You?

Quiz: Which Riverdale Character Are You?

The Debrief: Because the new season is about to start on Netflix and you’ve been dying to know if you’re more of an Archie or a Veronica. We're dealing with the super important stuff here, guys.

Ah, Riverdale. Otherwise known as the Netflix TV series that, despite our better ‘I’m too grown up for this’ judgement, sucked us in and had us emotionally invested in working out who killed Jason Blossom, who shot Fred Andrews and whether or not Jughead Jones would get in too deep with the Southside Serpents. 

If none of that meant anything to you, then where the hell have you been? Because the rest of us had been desperately waiting for Riverdale's second season of the darker, slicker and sexier version of the Archie Comics for far too long and, until now, have secretly been wondering who of the Riverdale characters we’re most like. And when I say secretly I mean on a level that you probably wouldn’t admit to anyone IRL. But that’s okay, your secret is safe with us.

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Lucky for you, we’ve put together a nifty little quiz for you to spend (read: waste) time playing until you land on the character you actually want to be. Josie from Josie and the Pussycats is pretty cool once you get over her ‘my way or the musical high way’ attitude. Archie ain’t a bad friend. We all wish we could scowl half as attractively as Jughead and wouldn’t be mad about being as defiant as Veronica is.  

The possibilities are endless*. And if you haven’t quite gotten into the show yet, you may as well use this procrastination time to take the quiz anyway and catch up on season one to find out what the fuss is about. 

*Actually, the possibilities aren’t endless. You can be one of six of our favourite characters. Soz. As dependant on our probably very inaccurate quiz that only somewhat relates to the personalities we met on the show. 

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