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Where Did Eleven Go At The End Stranger Things

Where Did Eleven Go At The End Of Stranger Things?

The Debrief: All the crazy theories we've been (im)patiently waiting to watch play out

At the end of Stranger Things season one (yes, there are spoilers ahead. But come on, you've had a year to watch eight episodes) when Hopper the copper left some Eggos out in the snow, we all assumed they were meant for Eleven. But that innocent assumption was admittedly made in the desperate hope that somehow, someway, saying goodbye to the first series of the world’s favourite Netflix show, didn’t mean saying goodbye to El, too. 

It was one thing coming to terms with the season finale sneaking up on us out of nowhere, it was another processing the possibility that Eleven wasn’t coming back from the Upside down and we’d never see Millie Bobbie Brown on our screens again. 


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But alas, the masterminds behind the phenomenon knew that we wouldn’t be able to handle whether or not Eleven would be reappearing in Stranger Things season 2. So they teased us. They released a promo picture of the cast in which, low and behold, Millie Bobbie Brown was in (praise be to the TV gods).  

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However, knowing that Eleven is alive doesn’t answer the millions of questions we all have about what the fuck happened to her. Safe to say it looked like she was a goner. But, seeing as we know our favourite psychokinetic pal is definitely okay (kind of), we scoured the internet to see what people think might’ve happened to her. This should keep you busy until the show returns…

Eleven and the monster are connected

So, we know that Eleven is the reason that the Demogorgon exist on account of all of that awful torture she was put under in Brenner’s facility. So, couldn’t that mean that there’s a bigger, deeper connection between the two? It’s plausible, you guys.

The whole show is somewhat orientated around mirror images – the upside down reflecting the real world, the monster raised its hand at the same time as El did in their little showdown in the last episode, etc, etc. So, if one lives don’t that mean the other one has to too? Also, I suppose it means that if the monster is dead, so is El.  

Eleven is to Stranger Things as Jean Gray is to X Men

Over on Reddit, aka the kingdom of all fan theories, there was a bit of a focus on the extent of Eleven’s powers.  There hasn’t been *that* much of an explanation for why Eleven can do what she does with her mind. One user, seeing-eye-bitch, compared her abilities to Jane from X-Mens and spoke about how, if we’re focusing on El as a telepath, she could be in two realms at once. You know, if we're going with the Eleven = the monster, thing. 

She explained: 'I think you're [another Redditer] right that Eleven destroyed her body when she destroyed the Demogorgon (the dark part of her subconscious (see Montauk Project)) much in the same way that Jean Gray did. Her body was too weak for her powers anyway. I think her consciousness has projected or manifested itself in the in-between, and from there she will manifest herself back into our realm more powerful than before. Just like the Jean Gray returns as the Dark Phoenix in the follow up to X-Men 134.'

Eleven is Hopper’s daughter

This one’s a bit of a stretch but, bear with. A YouTuber called Planet Calvin suggests that Hopper’s daughter Sarah didn’t actually die from cancer, that’s just a manufactured memory that he tells himself to try and rationalise it all. Planet Calvin also puts forward a pretty convincing case for the fact that the timelines of what happened to El, what happened to Hopper’s daughter and what happened to El’s mum, all kind of match up. He explains it in his video here: 


Eleven *wants* to be in the upside down

Didn’t see this one coming, did you! One very eloquent person on the A Stranger Things Theory thread was having a go at answering one of the questions we didn’t quite know how to ask. If Eleven and the monster are linked, and we know that there are ways to get between realms (putting aside how difficult that is for a second) AND Hopper leaving snacks for Eleven out in the real world even though we’re pretty sure she’s in the Upside Down, how and why wouldn’t she just nip back to come and get’ed?

WINST0N thinks it’s because she’s happier down there. ‘Well about mid season we have Eleven debating wether or not she was the monster (this is just after throwing Lucas and knocking him unconscious) but is comforted by Dustin and Mike that she was not. But maybe the events of the last episode changed her mind, in the last episode we seen the boys and her surrounded by soldiers and evil old lady (forgot her name) rather than being captured Eleven used her powers to kill all six (or seven) bad guys. Even as an adult it takes a toll actually killing someone and we have to remember Eleven is a twelve year old. So I think Eleven can go back and fourth but is choosing to stay in the upside down due to her being afraid of what she can do’.

Head spinning yet?

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