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From Gilmore Girls To The Crown: The Best New Things To Be Added To Netflix In November

The Debrief: More importantly, what date is Gilmore Girls actually appearing on Netflix?

Here's how you're going to spend your life for the next month or so. You're welcome.

Gilmore Girls - A Year In The Life

It's the big one you've all been waiting for, everyone's favourite mother/daughter combo is back for four 90 minute films, one for each season of the year as we catch up with Lorelai and Rory ten years down the line as they give you a chance to get back into #TeamLogan or #TeamJess.

From November 25th

A Syrian Love Story

See an in-depth look at the desparation faced by the Syrian people under the Assad regime with this moving documentary about a family in Syria that was filmed over five years, starting in 2009 before the Arab Spring through to 2014 when they found political asylum in France. The mother and father Amer and Raghda are political activists who suffer both numerous prison sentences and mental health issues as they struggle to keep their family and their relationship together.

From November 1st.

Safe Haven

A oft-overlooked and highly underrated Nicholas Sparks film. It might not be The Notebook but this Julianne Hough and Josh 'Fergie's Husband' Duhamel is like, a really great choice if you're hungover and need some emotional reassurance and also something to zone out to. SHE is a woman running away from a violent past and HE is a young widower with two young children. WILL THEIR LOVE SURVIVE WHEN HER PAST CATCHES UP WITH HER?

From November 1st

The Crown

What's this? Another Royal-themed TV show? Sure. Why not. This one is about our Liz, the Liz that's sitting on the throne right now, wearing a no doubt jaunty little outfit. It's about her early reign (before you were born mate) and stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith.

From November 4th


 A film all about how Truman Capote's most excellent book In Cold Blood came about. Phillip Seymour Hoffman stars as the oddball author as he works on the 'non-fiction' book that would be his last and which concerned the murders of the Clutter family in Kansas in 1959 and the two men charged with their murder Perry Edward Smith and Richard Hickcock. As Capote spends more time with Smith, he falls deeper into the case, and his book.

From 5th November

Black Book

This Dutch film is SO FREAKING GOOD. It comes from director Paul Verhoeven and is about a Dutch Jewish woman who, after her family is killed in a bombing raid and she escapes being taken to a concentration camp, joins the Dutch resistance and ends up living as a mistress to high ranking Nazis. It's full of twists and it's totally nail biting stuff.

From 6th November

Under The Sun

An unprecedented look inside the notoriously secretive dictatorship of North Korea from Russian director Vitaly Mansky who, after years of begging, was finally allowed into the country to make what the dictatorship thought would be a propaganda film about a little girl in the lead up to her joining the Children's Union. What the government didn't know was that Vitaly kept filming after he said 'cut'...

From November 11th

Lovesick: Season 2

You might remember two years back there was a funny telly show on Channel 4 with the rather unfortunate name Scrotal Recall. It starred Antonia Thomas (we actually interviewed her about it) and followed her mate Dylan as he went back and revisited his exes after he finds out he has chlamydia. Now, the name's gone (thank goodness) and it's back for season two on Netflix as Lovesick.

From 17th November


That kooky film from your youth about Orlando Bloom falling in love with air hostess Kirsten Dunst as he deals with the death of his father. You've got to be in the right mood to watch it (ie not easily irritable) but if you do fancy a slightly soppy romcom that's a tad more interesting than your average, this is your thing.

From 23rd November

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