Melis Zumrutel | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Watch Shia LaBeof, Watching Shia LaBeof

Watch Shia LaBeouf, Watching Shia LaBeouf

The Debrief: Shia LaBeouf is watching all his movies, starting with the newest to the oldest. Feel free to watch him doing it.

Shia LaBeouf sat down yesterday to watch all of his films in reverse order. Feel like your missing out? You can watch him do it as he is live streaming the entire thing here.

The Website states 'From noon on 10th November 2015, #ALLMYMOVIES by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner will commence at the Angelika Film Center, 18 West Houston Street, NYC," 

'Visitors are invited to join Shia LaBeouf in person as he watches all his movies consecutively in reverse chronological order over the next three days, 24 hours a day (admission free). At the same time, a live stream will continuously broadcast the performance above.'

Just remember, you’re not watching the films, you’re watching him watch them. Makes sense? 

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