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Trends Tuesday – Cinemas You Can Drink In

The Debrief: Hey you there, take that bottle of whiskey out of your pocket and exit the Odeon sharpish. Here's some cinemas you're actually allowed to drink in

It’s January, it’s cold, there’s some banging films hitting the big screen this month, and awards season is upon us… what better excuse do you need to hit the movies? Oh and that doesn’t mean ditching your Saturday night drinking sesh.  These are cinemas you can drink in. Buckle down, booze up and do movie night the BarChick way.

The Electric, Birmingham

This is the oldest working cinema in the country and has a bit of a rep for its porno days back in the 70s. Respect.  Now it’s all refurb’ed, back in action, has (sadly) ditched the blue movies and gone all mainstream. The bar creates specific cocktails for the films it’s showing, oh and there’s an absinthe fountain in here. Maybe not so mainstream after all.


The Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square, London

Where else can you have a sleepover with your mates, get pissed and sing-along to Grease all night? Harry Potter marathons, Bridesmaids quote-athons, a cheap bar and delish popcorn. Prince Charles cinema, we salute you.


The Grosvenor, Glasgow

No, not the fancy hotel, but a little cinema with mega community vibes and the only booze license for a cinema in the city. They don’t just do films either. You can come here for some theatre action too as they stream plays from The National and other theatres across the UK.  There’s a long cocktail list and decent wines but the sharer cocktails won us over. We say get one each.



The Ritzy, Brixton, London

This indie cinema is a south-London institution and is smack in the middle of Brixton. You can catch all the latest releases, get the drinks in at the in-cinema bar and afterwards head upstairs where they host live music nights. The party never stops.


Cornerhouse, Manchester

With the black leather sofas, spiral staircases and wooden beams, you could be fooled into thinking you’d arrived in some kind of sexy country pad in this cinema. There’s a proper wine bar, craft beers on tap, a pizza oven and a cocktail list to put some of the city’s best bars to shame.

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