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Top 10 Things That Really Need To Happen On The New Season Of New Girl

7 Things That Really Need To Happen On Season 4 Of New Girl

The Debrief: Firstly, bring back Taylor Swift and then reunite Schmece (Schmidt and Cece FYI)

1. Schmidt and Cece will FINALLY get back together

Okay, enough already. All this ‘will they or won’t they’ is getting tedious. Everyone knows they belong together so we better see them getting back together and getting married because that's what needs to happen to make everything right in the world.

2. There'll be more #FriendshipGoals

Jess and Schmidt are good examples to follow when you want to become a better housemate. Their friendship knows no bounds, as demonstrated by Jess helping Schmidt scratch an itch caused by the plaster cast on his penis after an unfortunate one night stand mishap. 

3. The douchebag jar will come back

This jar was intended to keep Schmidt under control but obviously it never worked. Remember he said that an uncircumcised penis was called a Bishop in a turtleneck? Or when he couldn’t find his driving moccasins anywhere? We need more of that.

 4. Nick will take up gardening again

This may be a strange hope to have but anyone else remember the joy he felt when he got the gang together on the roof to show them the tomatoes he planted? Happy Nick = sexy Nick and this victory dance proves it: 

5. Speaking of which, can Jess and Nick get back together?

Because really, they're the Ross and Rachel of our time. Lobsters don't come around often you know and those two are basically perfect for each other. Here's to Nick and Jess. We're not sure why you broke up and we wish you never had.

6. More topless Schmidt 

Because abs.

6. Or at the very least this outfit

Because that hat is everything.

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