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Everything You Need To Know About Made In Chelsea’s Tiff

Tiffany Watson: Everything You Could Possibly Need To Know About Made In Chelsea’s Tiff

The Debrief: Because what else are you meant to do between episodes of Made In Chelsea?

Tiffany 'Tiff' Watson may not be one of the Made In Chelsea originals, but she's sure made her mark on the five or so series that she's been in so far, amirite? Tears, tantrums, make ups, break ups and the most on again-off again relationship we'd seen since Louise Thompson was in the prime of her dating drama sagas.  No matter how many series and spin-off shows pass us by, we never fail to be overwhelmingly fascinated by their cast. The leading men and women who give us endless gossip

It's safe to say that between Chelsea, Ibiza and the South of France, we've gotten to know Tiff Watson pretty damn well already, but what use would my unofficial qualification in Instagram stalking be if we left it at what we'd learned from the show? Useless, is what it'd be. And we wouldn't want that. 

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Lucky for you, I put my magical powers to use and did a little (a lot) of research into everything you could possibly want to know about Lucy Watson's little sister. Here you have it, introducing the life and times of Tiff Watson...

So, who is Made In Chelsea’s Tiff Watson?

Tiff is Made In Chelsea co-star Lucy Watson’s little sister and has only been on the show for five series so far. We didn’t see Tiff on MIC until series eight, you see.  

How old is Tiff Watson?

Tiff is 23 years old folks. Her birthday is on 2 November, which makes her a Scorpio if you’re into the star sign thing. 

Where can I find Tiff Watson on Instagram?


A post shared by T I F F A N Y (@tiffanyc_watson) on Sep 27, 2017 at 1:00pm PDT


It’s not too hard to track her down – her username is @tiffanyc_watson. She likes to post lots of outfit od the day type things with the occasional gym/protein smoothie shot thrown in for good measure. She’s become quite the fitness person. Seems to be a bit of a trend among the Made In Chelsea cast members. See Louise Thompson for reference.  

Is Tiff Watson on Twitter? 

Silly question, of course, she is. Her handle is @Tiffany_W13. There was this one time she tweeted about changing the lightbulbs in her flat. That was fun. 


Does Tiff Watson have Snapchat?

I mean, I’m personally of the disposition that Snapchat is, if not dead, then dying. But if you insist on following Tiff over there instead of just watching her Instagram Stories like everyone else, then you can find her at @Tiffanywatson04. We’ve got a full list of all the Made In Chelsea Snapchat usernames while you’re at it. 

Is Tiff Watson vegan?

Hells yeah she is. It says so on her Instagram and she’s also tweeted about talking at big vegan conferences and stuff. Back in March 2016, she told the world that she was following in her big sister Lucy’s footsteps and going vegan for two weeks. 


It seems to have stuck.


Congrats @lucywatson on the launch of your amazing new cookbook 'Feed me Vegan' ❤️ These pancakes were delish □ #proudsister #feedmevegan #veganpancakes

A post shared by T I F F A N Y (@tiffanyc_watson) on Sep 7, 2017 at 1:29am PDT


Was Tiff Watson on Made In Chelsea Ibiza?

Yes, she was and oh, the drama. She rocked up to the island in episode 4. Fallouts ensued (continued) between Tiff and Louise and Tiff and her then ex-boyfriend Sam. She handled the Sam break up pretty well in this particular instance, to be fair. The parading around of that beautiful part-time model-cum-volleyball player in episode 5 was a bit awkward though.

What happened with Tiff Watson and Mimi Bouchard? 

There was a rather unpleasant body shaming incident. After Tiff and Sam broke up, Sam started kind of seeing Mimi while they were doing the MIC Ibiza series. Sam and Mimi had a smooch and an awkward drink together at some point. When Tiff found out about it she called Mimi ‘a fucking dumpling’ which isn’t nice or necessary. Mimi shared a video talking about it all to Instagram shortly after it all went down. 


(Accidentally deleted the video □ so here it is again. Go so many amazing messages from girls that can relate to this subject. Love you all!) Hi everyone ❤️ I really wanted to use this platform of mine to shine some light on body shaming. I know a lot of you following me are young girls.. and that is exactly why I filmed this video. Sometimes when you're feeling insecure it's easy to talk negatively about others, or "tease" others, to make yourself feel better. I'm sure we've all done it in our weakest moments! But teasing somebody (especially knowing they will hear what you say) about their height, weight & appearance is really messed up. You don't know how your words can effect someone else. Be the bigger person, and also work on yourself enough to not let comments from unimportant people effect you massively. I know it's tough, but you always have a decision to either reject or allow someone's words to effect you. You're YOU and that is your power. ❤️ Isn't body shaming SO last year? □ (also- lighting in my new flat is best in the bathroom lol)

A post shared by M I M I B O U C H A R D (@mimibouchard) on Aug 22, 2017 at 12:32pm PDT


So, is Tiff Watson still with Sam? 

I mean, as it stands, we don’t think so. Sam was all cosy with Amelia Lily on 2017’s Celebrity Big Brother and they were ‘together’ for a bit when the show finished. Sam has spoken about feeling like he made a mistake leaving Tiff in the past, though.

Who are Tiff Watson’s family?

Well, you’ve got her sister, Lucy Watson, of course. Tiff also has two younger half-brothers called Alife and Edwin. Then there’s also her dad Clive who is a pub and restaurant entrepreneur millionaire. 

Does Tiff Watson have any tattoos?

Yup! It’s a little Scorpio on her right wrist. For those who weren’t paying attention, Scorpio is her star sign.  

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