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This Is Why Everyone\\\'s Talking About Tom Hardy\\\'s \\\'Legend\\\' Film Poster

This Is Why Everyone's Talking About Tom Hardy's 'Legend' Film Poster

The Debrief: Classic, Hards.

One of the downsides (there's not many, sure) of being a massive, famous, superstar actor is how the new film you spent a ridiculous amount of time filming could be crushed in a single bad review. Imagine that? Spending approximately nine years of your life getting into character and putting your heart and soul into it, only to find out that… hey, people think it's kind of shit. Brilliant.

For Tom Hardy's latest film Legend (out today) about the lives of the notorious Kray Twin in which he plays both brothers, he's had just that, but he's dealt with it in probably one of the greatest ways ever.

In a promotional poster for the film, they've whacked Benjamin Lee's two star review on The Guardian right in the middle, so it sort of looks like they gave it four stars. Is this intentional? Absolutely. But it's also a nice pass-agg 'fuck you' to The Guardian, whose review they obviously couldn't care less about. A stellar way to deal with criticism at work.

Reviewer, Benjamin, is none too happy about it though, as you can see by the below Tweet.

This has Tom written all over it, don't you think? Absolutely classic, Hards. (I've never met the man)

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