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This Harry Potter Fan Theory Solves A Huge Plot Hole In The Series

This Harry Potter Fan Theory Solves A Huge Plot Hole In The Series

The Debrief: Tumblr worked it's magic once again

If you grew up in the 90s/00s, it’s highly unlikely that the Harry Potter series passed you by completely. Even if we aren’t all die-hard fans, the majority of twenty somethings harbour a soft spot for J.K. Rowlings phenomenally popular stories. 

Though Rowling’s books are mostly free of plot holes and things that don’t make sense (within reason - it’s about wizards after all), there is one mystery that has gone unexplained for almost 20 years. If I made you feel old because the first Harry Potter was released in 1998 then I can only apologise. 

Whilst it’s been stated by the author that 1,000 students were in attendance Hogwarts during the time Harry was at the school, there only appears to be around 18 boys in his year. Given that there is only seven year groups, something doesn’t quite work out…

Tumblr user marauders4evr came up with this solution: “Between the dozens of adults who joined the Order, the dozens of civilians who were killed in Death Eater raids, and the dozens of adults that didn’t want to bring a child into the world, just then…It’s actually entirely possible that there was a baby drought for a few years in the wizarding world, leading to a smaller class size a decade later.”

Congratulations people of the internet, you might just have it. 


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