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There\'s Going To Be A Female-Led Wolf Of Wall Street

There's Going To Be A Female-Led Wolf Of Wall Street

The Debrief: And it's going to star Fig from Orange Is The New Black

If you came away from 2013's Wolf Of Wall Street thinking, 'jeez, all the money and yachts and stuff was cool but holy crap those poor women that had to deal with those total wankjobs on a daily basis,' then your prayers might be about to be answered.

Now, there's going to be a film about Wall Street from a female perspective. And it's starring and made by the lady who played Figueroa, the disgraced head of Litchfield Prison from Orange Is The New Black. It's called Equity and it's centred around a female investment banker in the present day called Naomi Bishop who's set to take a company like Facebook or Twitter public. 'It is the first ever female-driven Wall Street movie. We have never seen Wall Street post 2008 and we’ve never seen a social media go public.' Says Alysia Reiner (Fig from OITNB) in an interview with Fox yesterday.

The film's script is based on interviews with men and women and, according to CNN, there's going to be 'Dealmaking, corruption and yes, some sexism.' Sarah Megan Thomas, Reiner's partner on the film is baffled that women on Wall Street haven't been showcased before, 'It’s a really cool part of the world that’s never been explored before these women on Wall Street who actually are a minority. They are women in a male-dominated world and what is that like being the only woman in a room of powerful men.' She said in the Fox interview.

Those of you who watched The Wolf Of Wall Street will remember a world where women were treated as prostitutes and objects. Now, nearly twenty years on, have things changed for women on Wall Street? "Some men we interviewed feel like women actually get promoted sooner because there is reverse discrimination, says Thomas which, if true, will be interesting to see. There's not set release date yet but here's hoping we're in for a banging film.

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