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The View From Monica’s Window In Friends Changed Constantly. Was Anything Real

The View From Monica’s Window In Friends Changed Constantly. Was Anything Real

The Debrief: Why do you continue to fuck with us, Friends?

Remember when we found out that Jennifer Aniston didn’t always play Rachel Green in Friends? Of course you do. It’s a moment you’ll relay to your kids, your grandchildren, your grandchildren’s kids. It was monumental. Life changing, even. Basically everything we ever knew to be true was brought into question.

And now, we come to another of those moments. Because you might think (naively, so) that Monica's window in Friends has literally no bearing on life as you know it. But you're wrong. It has everything to do with everything and you'd do well to remember that.

The window in discussion is in the kitchen and sits just above the sink. This window has seen a lot of action (lots of stuff happens in the kitchen) but it’s also just become apparent the the actual window has had a lot of action. And by that I do not mean someone has had sex with Monica’s window (what is wrong with you).

Hellogiggles have pointed out, with their hawk-like vision, that what’s outside the window, is constantly changing. Sometimes even during the same episode. What the hell, Friends, what's a girl got to do to get some consistency around here?

Sometimes there’s nothing but an unassuming brick wall, other times there’ll be a clothes line with inconspicuous washing on, occasionally something that looks like a slab of wood… It changes all the time! Now, I was led to believe that Friends was filmed on a set which, admittedly did move around season to season, but I don't get it. Why did it move during episodes? Or the same season? Why was no one ON THIS? Why was the role of 'Ensuring Consitent View Outside Of Kitchen Sink Window' not filled? Why Friends, do you continue to fuck with us?

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