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Understandably, Everyone Is Hating On The Emoji Movie

There's Going To Be An Emoji Movie And, Understandably, People Are Hating On It

The Debrief: Facepalm Emoji

The trailer for Sony’s animated Emoji Movie dropped yesterday. And, the internet (AKA Twitter) was full of opinions. Some were excited by the prospect that Patrick Stewart is playing a poop, while James Corden is voicing a hand. Others were more baffled, even angry at the sheer prospect that this alphabet deserves a big screen debut. 

IMDB describes the plot quite simply as: ‘Gene, a multi-expressional emoji, sets out on a journey to become a normal emoji.’ Both conceptually and actually perplexing, it sounds like fans of The Lego Movie sat in a room and concocted what they assume will be a big money earner out of the flimsiest or ideas. Twitter agrees with us. 

It was the poster that really troubled many, with some describing it as reading: ‘Terrifying hand monster me diabetes, Friday’ 

But, that wasn’t all, some people got really riled up by the ads. One person tweeted: ‘Good afternoon to everyone except literally anyone that had an ounce of involvement in the emoji movie. Don't care if it fed your family’ And, another said: ‘This is it. The end of the world.’ Come 4th August when the film hits UK screens we’ll have to see if Anna Faris, James Corden and Patrick Stweart really do cause the end of the world….

The question, really, is we really need an emoji movie? Do we? 

Image courtesy of Sony Animation Pictures

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