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It Won\'t Stop Raining So Here Are The Best Rain Scenes In Films

It Won't Stop Raining So Here Are The Best Rain Scenes In Films

The Debrief: The weather's terrible and it's making us all miserable - so let's do something about that...

Guys. The weather is crap. And so is your mood.

In films though, only exciting and romantic things happen in the rain. Let's channel a little bit of cinematic magic into Real Life and reclaim today from the cloud. Here's the best on screen rain scenes.

Four Weddings And A Funeral

This is only on the list because it's so seminal it can't be left out. Actually, it's one of the worst rain scenes ever. Why did Andie McDowell and her curly curly hair show up at Hugh Grant's wedding unless she wanted to break it up? You can act all suprised at the outcome Love but we know it was your plan to ensare him all along really. Unforgivable action number two? The 'seminal' line 'Is it raining? I hadn't noticed.' Because it's torrentially raining . Torrentially. To not notice that would be like not noticing that you're not wearing a top. Although I imagine she's tried that one once or twice in the past too.

The Notebook

Guys. I think we can all agree that despite being a vehicle of emotional manipulation of the highest order, The Notebook is an acceptable answer when someone asks you which film you've watched more times than you can count. It all hinges on the rain scene. Them being in the boat, the heavens opening, her yelling at him about not writing, him saying he wrote her every day for a year! Him saying IT WASN'T OVER, IT STILL ISN'T OVER. Cinematic magic that is guys.

The OC

Summer leaves Zach at the airport, Seth meanwhile has inexplicably put a Spiderman mask on and is climbing onto the roof of the house to fix the telly aerial. And wouldn't you know it; by a trick of fate he falls and ends hanging upside down, just like in that Spiderman film! Just in time for Summer to show up and give him an upside down snog. The OC were familiar with the concept of tongue in cheek. Literally.

Breakfast At Tiffanys

Not for Audrey Hepburn, more for the poor cat she kicks out the cab into the pouring rain. Which the nice man goes to rescue after giving Holly Golightly a jolly good talking to about her committment issues. I mean, she gets her cat back in the end but then she puts him down again to snog Paul so did she really learn her lesson? Probably not.

Magic Mike

TECHNICALLY not a real rain scene but worth an inclusion anyways. For obvious reasons.

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