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The 7 Best Episodes Of The Moth Podcast To Make You Feel Good

The 7 Best Episodes Of The Moth Podcast To Make You Feel Good

The Debrief: Weekly storytelling podcast The Moth is enough to make you laugh, cry and FEEL. Here are the best episodes.

If you haven't listened to The Moth yet, then what are you even doing with your life?

The live story telling organisation hosts storytelling events all over the world (including now in the UK) but for those that can't get there, there's a weekly podcast of their best entries.

Here's our faves.

1. Whatever Doesn't Kill Me - Ed Gavagan

This story from 2011 comes from longtime Moth contributor Ed Gavagan and is about the difficulties he faces trying to come back from a totally random violent attack that he was given a 2% chance of surviving.

Listen here.

2. Where there's smoke - Jenifer Hixon

The first episode of The Moth that I ever listened to. And the one that got me hooked. Jenifer, now senior producer at The Moth, tells of running away from a problematic relationship and meeting by chance a woman with her own relationship problems. The two share cigarettes and life advice.

Listen here.

3. Yes Means Yes? - Elna Baker

Have you considered how difficult dating must be if you're someone who doesn't have sex or drink? Elna Baker, a Mormon living in New York does just that. Here's what happens when she tries to date an aetheist.

Listen here.

4. The Prince & I - Jillian Lauren

Jillian Lauren was working as an exotic dancer when she answered an ad that ended up with her being flown to Brunei to be 'companion' to a member of the richest royal family in the world. She went hoping for a fairytale princess story but the reality was a bit different...

Listen here.

5. Wake Up Call - Terri Garr

What's the best thing to do when your partner lets you down in the most spectacular fashion? Get revenge in a delicious kind of way. Obviously. Famous 80s actress Terri Garr did just that.

Listen here.

6. The First Elf - Simon Doonan

Mate, you think trying to decorate your house for Christmas is stressful? How's about when Michelle Obama gives you a call to come and be in charge of the White House Christmas aesthetic? Simon Doonan tells the story.

Listen here.

7. Michaela Murphy - The All Star Game

When you comes from a baseball family, you live and breathe baseball. Here's the tale of a young Michaela Murphy doing her darndest to get her and her brother to the All Star baseball game by hook or by crook.

Listen here.

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