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Viral Chewbacca Mask Sells Out Everywhere

Viral Chewbacca Mask Sells Out Everywhere

The Debrief: The wookie mask that has over 140 million live video views on Facebook is now harder than ever to get hold of

‘Oh I’m Such A Happy Chewbacca’

If you were thinking of masquerading as everyone’s favourite wookie this weekend you may be out of luck. The Star Wars Chewbacca Electronic Mask that featured in Facebook’s most viewed live video has sold out pretty much everywhere.

Last week, Candace Payne accidentally hit the dizzying heights of viral stardom and the video, in which the Star Wars mask reduces her to uncontrollable giggles, now has over 140 million views and 3.2 million shares. If you haven’t already seen the original video (where have you been?!) then it’s here for your viewing pleasure:

Discussing her unexpected internet fame with the BBC, Payne said: 'I’m just laughing - in all honesty, that is ridiculous. I’ve looked at the number of views and it just seems like someone is just playing with a calculator.' 

Since the original video was posted on May 19th, customers in the US have reported that the mask is now sold out at Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us and Kohl’s, where Payne originally purchased her own. The REAL Chewbacca even tweeted his approval of the video to the delight of Reddit users

It’s a similar story in the UK, where a quick Argos search reveals that the toy is out of stock nationwide. As Phil Schofield told This Morning viewers when he and Holly Willoughby donned the mask: ‘They’re sold out everywhere!’  

It seems it will be a while before you’re able to find a Chewbacca mask on the high street again. In the mean time, here’s what happened when James Corden tried one for size: 

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