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Teen Orange Is The New Black Fan Breaks Into Set, Gets The Litchfield Treatment

Teen Orange Is The New Black Fan Breaks Into Set, Gets The Litchfield Treatment

The Debrief: Don't mess with Bennett

19-year-old Samantha Gardella sounds like our kind of girl. The student, from New York is a massive Orange Is The New Black fan but, unlike us who are content to keep our fandom to binge watching the show in bed in a pile of crisps and chocolate and stalking the cast on Instagram, Samantha decided to go to Litchfield.

Teen Orange Is The New Black Fan Breaks Into Set, Gets The Litchfield Treatment

When she found out that the set was located near where she lived (it's the former Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center in Orangeburg, New York if you're ever in the area BTW), she headed down there armed with some stills from the show. Finding it unmanned, she just walked right in. Speaking to Buzzfeed she said, 'I had never been there before so I didn’t know what to expect, but to my surprise when I got there, there was no gate at the entryway to keep anyone out. There were other fans walking around too.

Once inside, Samantha took pictures of herself holding up the stills to their corresponding locations and posted the whole thing on her Tumblr. She also made this video of her tour.

Turns out though, the set is private property and the show's legal team contacted her over her adventure. Not that they were mean or anything. 'We see that you are a big fan of Orange Is The New Black and appreciate your support and enthusiasm for the show,' they said in an email. 'While we appreciate your creative eye, you may not be aware that the land used for the location for the prison is private NY State property exclusively leased by us. As such, no one is allowed to enter the property with or without our permission.' They then asked her not to return to the property in the future but did sign off saying 'Enjoy the show and look out for a great new season next year!' Which seems firm but nice.

BUT that's not where the story ends; the Orange Is The New Black Twitter account then got involved and issued her a citation for having 'illegally entered Litchfield Correctional Institution set. Took fantastic photos featuring scenes from OITNB.'

Oh, and it was signed by BENNETT. Top work OITNB, top work.

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