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Sophie Hermann: Everything You Need To Know About This Made In Chelsea Queen, As Told By Herself

Sophie Hermann: Everything You Need To Know About This Made In Chelsea Queen, As Told By Herself

The Debrief: She's sassy, she's funny, and she's back with a bang.

There are many blonde bombshells in Made In Chelsea, but one that stands out for her personality just as much as her lovely swishy hair is Sophie Hermann. The cast member first appeared on the show a few years ago in series nine before leaving to take a break back in 2015. Lucky for us, that break is now over. Sophie is back and she's promised to bless our TV screens with a whole host of fabulous outfits and some witty one-liners. Can't. Bloody. Wait.

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We sat down with Sophie to quiz her on everything there is to know about her, because, we're very nosy and also happen to be huge Made In Chelsea fans. Here's what we found out...

What is Sophie’s full name?

Sophie Caroline Hermann. How very fancy!

How old is Sophie Hermann?

She turned 30 this year. Thirty, flirty and thriving, some may say... 

Where is Sophie Hermann from?

If you remember her accent from previous seasons of Made In Chelsea, you'll know that it's a pretty big giveaway. Sophie is from Munich, Germany. She now lives in London, though.

Which school did Sophie Hermann go to?

Seeing as she grew up in Switzerland, Sophie attended the Institut auf dem Rosenberg Boarding School in St.Gallen. That's right. She's serving up brains and beauty over here. 

What’s Sophie Hermann’s job?

Aside from appearing on Made In Chelsea, Sophie is a fashion designer and social media influencer (we mean, have you seen her Instagram?). In fact, she's recently designed a fairytale-like dress collection for Oktoberfest, which she attends every year, by the way. Essentially, she's a lady of many talents.


My purple Dirndls just hit the @giacomelli_trachten store in Munich!Hope you love them as much as I do!□□□

A post shared by Sophie Hermann (@xxsophiehermannxx) on Sep 14, 2017 at 9:14am PDT


What is Sophie Hermann's net worth?

Right, let's not be too nosey now! An educated guess and a healthy stalk of her Instagram will tell you that it's probably quite a bit. 

Why is Sophie Hermann back on Made In Chelsea?

Sophie appeared in Made In Chelsea a few years back and was linked to being good friends with Victoria Baker Harper for a time. But now, she's back! The reason for this? Well, Sophie tells us: 'After two and a half years without Made In Chelsea, I felt the time was right to go back and stir things up.' Are you thinking what we're thinking? Does this mean we can expect some drama? Even MORE drama?

How old was Sophie when she had her first kiss?

Don't pretend you weren't curious. Sophie was a mere 13 years old when she had her first kiss. Cute, ain't it?

Is Sophie Hermann a natural blonde?

Sophie's naturally dark blonde, but she likes to get highlights, balayage or toner to lighten her hair to a golden blonde.


Chillin in my @paolasbodybarre leggings□ || @ettridgecreative

A post shared by Sophie Hermann (@xxsophiehermannxx) on Aug 11, 2017 at 1:19pm PDT

What’s her biggest fear?

Right, Sophie has two very different fears: 'a plane crash, and the comeback of fake fur'. Well, at least she's honest, right? 

Who has Sophie Hermann dated?

Publicly, Sophie has dated Jonny Hynes, the host of Skype's Ones to Watch and close friend to Lewis Hamilton. Other than that, she tells us that she's dated 'a bunch of very lucky guys.' How coy. 

What does she look for in a guy?

Not just good looks, we'll have you know. Sophie looks for 'good chat!!! No pretty face can save a lame conversation.' We totally agree. Boring guys, you can sod off!

Is Sophie Hermann single?

She's single and ready to mingle. But be warned: we wouldn't be surprised if she ventured into the realm of coupledom pretty quickly.

Who’s Sophie Hermann's favourite Made In Chelsea castmate?

Sophie says that currently she 'absolutely loves Jamie Laing, but Victoria and Mark Francis are [her] timeless classics.' No surprise there! We expect that we'll see a lot of Sophie and Jamie in the new episodes to come...

Which foundation does Sophie use?

One look at her Instagram will show you that Sophie's skin is literally glowing. She tells us that to achieve this look, she switches between the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation and the Chanel CC Cream. Brb, currently adding them both to our shopping baskets.

What’s Sophie’s favourite fashion brand?

'Oufff thats a toughy! Probably Gucci right now, but I also love Alessandro Michele - he's just a genius!'.

What is Sophie’s Hermann's Instagram?

Her Instagram handle is @xxsophiehermannxx. Visit to live vicariously through her beautifully glamorous life full of all the events, holidays and outfit shots we've only ever dreamed of. 


Roomers Recovery. @roomers.munich #wiesnflu #soberoctober

A post shared by Sophie Hermann (@xxsophiehermannxx) on Oct 1, 2017 at 4:55am PDT

Can I follow Sophie Hermann on Twitter?

Of course, you can! Her Twitter is @sophiehermannuk. It's mainly full of Instagram links (girl knows where it's at) but worth a follow nonetheless. 

What is Sophie’s Snapchat?

Sophie Hermann. Yep. The most straightforward of all the Made In Chelsea Snapchat names.

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