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Snake And Other Nostaglic Games You Can Play On Your Phone

How To Play Snake On Your Smartphone

The Debrief: Plus, other excellent nostalgia games from your past



Once a game you used to play against your crush on MSN Messenger, now available for you to play on your phone in the comfort of your own bedroom, reliving the time you nearly told Sam Johnson from Biology class how much you liked him. Instead you smashed his pink diamond and wrote ‘lol.’

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Everyone’s getting dead excited about a new version of Snake for smartphones ATM but if we’re honest we prefer Snake ’97: Retro Phone Classic (catchy title guys, well done). Anyways, it turns your smartphone into an old Nokia 3310 and you use the ‘buttons’ to control your ‘snake’ just like in the old days. Plus, it’s Snake 1 – before the mazes, stripey snake and the ability to go through walls came about.

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The Sims


Be very careful with this one. I got addicted, spent about £25 (if I’m honest it was probably more than that) on ‘Life Points’ and my brother had to have an intervention with me because I hadn’t seen him or anyone in like three weeks. I’ve deleted it off my phone now but if you’ve got some spare time on your hands and no ambition in life then download it right now. It’s just as good as the original Sims you came close to failing your GCSEs over.

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Pretty much the only thing to do on a computer that wasn’t connected to the internet (do you remember those? What was even the point? Like, oh yeah, I’ll just play around with Word Art on Microsoft Word sure whatever). Anyways, if you actually really liked Minesweeper and didn’t play it just because Facebook hadn’tbeen invented yet then download the EXACT same version from your PC to your phone.

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Rollercoaster Tycoon


Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Perhaps we should have waited until all university exams were over before writing about a whole bunch of very addictive games. Nevermind, it’ll be character building; test your willpower. File Rollercoaster Tycoon for mobile in the same folder as The Sims: Games from my teenage years that I once weaned myself off of only to relapse back into now I am in my 20s and should know better.

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