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Remember Zola The Stripper From Twitter? James Franco Is Making The Movie Of Her Adventure

Remember Zola The Stripper From Twitter? James Franco Is Making The Movie Of Her Adventure

The Debrief: Zola, real name Aziah King, won Twitter last year with her epic account of her fated trip to Miami. Now James Franco's picked it up. Because of course he has.

You might have blocked out much of the end of last year. It was a hairy time with bad stuff going on in the world and a lot of boozing being done but, if you can pull one teeny tiny thing out of your repressed subconscious - make it Zola and her tale of her very bad trip down to Miami - which she told on Twitter to worldwide acclaim.

You can read the full story in depth here but basically Zola, real name Aziah King, tweeted, across hundreds of tweets, her story of her as a stripper who is convinced to head down to Miami to make a bit of cash for the weekend. Her other stripper friend Jessica unfortunately turned out to be a prostitute (she denies this part of the story IRL) and this information, when mixed with a bipolar boyfriend and terrifying pimp, led to a mad ride including suicide attempts, suggested murder and kidnapping. It's a heavy story kids, but definitely one worth reading.

Now, James Franco, him of the 'method' acting that involved texting a 17 year old and him who refers to his acting as 'performance art', is going to direct an adaption of the Rolling Stone article about the whole thing. Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted was written by David Kushner and goes behind the tweets, looking at where Zola came from, how she met Jessica (the other stripper) and what really happened when the two went to Miami for that weekend.

How's the thing going to look in James Franco's hands? Hmm, probably somewhere between Spring Breakers and Palo Alto, with a bit of one of Shia LeBeouf's art projects thrown in for good measure. Either way, we're going to watch the hell out of it.

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