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Olivia Bentley Branding Mimi Bouchard A ‘Slut’ On Made In Chelsea Proves We’re Still Not Past Slut-Shaming

Olivia Bentley Branding Mimi Bouchard A ‘Slut’ On Made In Chelsea Proves We’re Still Not Past Slut-Shaming

The Debrief: You might not agree with Mimi's morals, but this doesn't mean it's OK to call her a slut

Last night’s episode of Made in Chelsea struck a chord with me, and not just because Sam threw the most awkward drink over Jamie in the history of MIC drink throws. I’m talking about the whole Olivia Bently (also know as Liv), Mimi Bouchard rivalry. Let me give you the short explainer on what exactly has gone on since the new season started. 

Liv has been enjoying a new romance with her now ex-boyfriend Fred. Canadian Mimi also awkwardly fancies Fred, and made that very very clear from the get go.  The two flirted after meeting at a party and Fred sneakily texted the mate that introduced them saying ‘where have you been hiding her?’ Not cool Fred, not cool. Mimi found this out, and continued to flirt with Fred, and openly express just how much she fancied him – to both Fred himself and his now ex-girlfriend Liv. 

Liv, was understandably not ok with all this – and decided to end things with Fred. 10/10 for sticking for what you believe in and not letting Fred and his flowing hair get away with it, Liv. However, in last night’s extremely uncomfortable episode, things took a weird turn. Mimi and Fred hung out right in front of Liv. It was all pretty grim and while I have all the feelings for just how shit Liv must be feeling right now – this doesn’t excuse what came next.

Throughout the show, Mimi was called 'slut,' 'easy,' and 'desperate' so many times I lost count. And while I know, I know, the show isn’t ‘real’ and things have been created for entertainment purposes, are we really still doing that? This is 2017 and slut-shaming is still very real, and what’s worse is the show is facilitating a platform for women to be pitted against each other on a national scale. By airing this kind of behaviour between women it’s making it ‘ok’ for us to continue to call each other nasty, hurtful names. 

Yes, Mimi could have played it better and yes, maybe it might have been kinder to have waited at least a few weeks before she went on a date with Fred. But she didn’t and while people may not like it this doesn’t make her a slut. Even if she slept with Fred, she still isn’t a slut. Even if she slept with Fred and then kissed another boy the day after, nope still not a slut. Yes, she might have a slightly skewed view of the sisterhood but the two things are not mutually exclusive, nor do they even fall into the same category. 

Take one search on Twitter for Made in Chelsea and people are either #TeamMimi or #TeamLiv. Those on the latter side are praising Liv for having ‘so much girl power,’ and those slating Mimi are calling her ‘easy’ or suggesting she ‘laid herself on a plate for him [Fred]. Wow, oh wow. We've taken one massive step backwards if this is what we're still doing.

According to a study by UK think tank Demos, conducted last year, women are responsible for half of all misogynistic tweets using the words ‘slut and whore’ used in an aggressive way. Online, and IRL abuse is terrifyingly being perpetrated by women as a way to exert power, and make us feel crap about ourselves. Yet in using it so loosely on national TV, it not only attacks women immorally based on our gender, it undoes all our hard work for female equality. And it makes it ok for men to brand us ‘sluts,’ something we've been working on for years to stop.   

To be completely honest I don’t know why this geared me up so much, but let’s leave it with this. Fancying someone, doesn’t make you a slut. Kissing someone, or sleeping with them doesn’t either. It’s time women stopped calling out other women for this kind of behaviour, and were just a bit...well, nicer.  The end. 

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