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New Making A Murderer Documentary Raises Even More Questions

New Making A Murderer Documentary Raises Even More Questions

The Debrief: The case seems to be getting more and more complicated. *spoilers*

No Making A Murderer 2 hasn’t arrived yet, but channel Investigation Discovery aired a new documentary Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty? on Saturday night. 

The programme explored the details surrounding the case in further depth and had state prosecutor, Ken Kratz, one of Steven Avery's defense lawyer's Jerry Butting, the producers of Making A Murderer, as well as Avery's family members, all appeared. But if none of this makes sense to you, stop and read our article all about the case of Steven Avery or pause for slightly longer and watch the 10 hour long Netflix documentary.

During the show, key pieces of the case were discussed, such as the vial of Avery's blood which his defense lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, argued had been tampered with and used to plant his blood in Teresa Halbach’s car. Kratz addressed this claim, the Independent reports, saying that a nurse had been interviewed in front of the jurors during the trial and testified to breaking the vial’s seal. 'How to you think the blood got in there? The blood gets in there by putting a hole in it. There's a nurse that was interviewed and said, "I'm the one who put the hole in there."'

According to the Mirror, Buting came back at this saying ‘If you look carefully... there is blood inbetween the stopper and the glass, which you could only get if the stopper's taken out. That looked suspicious.’

Kratz also spoke of how Avery used the *67 function (which withholds the caller ID) when he first contacted Teresa, ‘Importantly, he doesn't use the *67 feature [for the later call]. He doesn't have to. Teresa's never going to answer the phone,' says Kratz. 'But he's setting up, in my opinion, an alibi. And his first defence is going to be, "She never showed up."'

On top of that, he said that he believes Avery ‘targeted’ Teresa but Buting repsonded saying, 'She was the only photographer for Auto Trader in that whole area of the state. So he doesn't say, "Send Teresa Halbach." He says, "Well, you know, send that woman that you had out here to take pictures again."'

Kratz also denied that Brendan Dassey was coerced by investigators during his interrogation. He said that Dassey, Avery’s nephew who is currently serving life in prison for the murder of Teresa Halbach with parole eligibility starting in 2048, was ‘able to resist suggestibility’.

Frustratingly, you can’t watch the programme in the UK, although it’s probably only a matter of time before it becomes available in some way. 

As well as this new information, Steven Avery’s Lawyer, Kathleen Zellner has spoken to WBAY regarding new developments in forensic testing that could provide new evidence for Avery’s case. ‘Since 2007 there have been significant advances in forensic testing and so clearly we’re going, the clearest way to do this is with scientific testing and that’s what we will be asking to do,’ she said.

Speaking about Avery’s request for further tests she said ‘When someone wants every possible test done that could be done that would prove their guilt or innocence, that’s when you know they’re innocent.’

She also mentioned that part of their investigation would be buying a Toyota Rav4 (the same car as Teresa’s) so she could fully understand the mechanics of it and that they have ‘other people we are looking at’ who could have been involved in her murder. 

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