Alyss Bowen | Social Media Editor | Friday, 22 April 2016

Netflix Have Put Their Prices Up. Gah!

Netflix Have Put Their Prices Up. Gah!

The Debrief: £1.50 can go a long way

OK, it’s only by a £1.50 increase but still – not cool Netflix, not cool at all. To break it down, basically anyone who is currently signed up to Netflix with the standard package (HD and two screens) for a sweet deal of £5.99 a month will soon be paying £7.49. It’s all down to the fact Netflix is ending it’s legacy pricing for long-term subscribers, boo. 

For £1.50 you could go and buy some knickers from Primark. Hey, throw in an extra 50p and you could buy two pairs, you’d be winning. You could hydrate yourself and buy some water, or an espresso – those are like a pound aren’t they? You could save that £1.50 up for a year and have a total of £18. Think about what you could buy for that. The possibilities are endless. 

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