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MTV\\\'s Cribs Is Having A Revival On Snapchat. Excited Much?

MTV's Cribs Is Coming Back! Sort Of...

The Debrief: Oh hullo Cribs, we missed you

Stop what you’re doing because everyones guilty pleasure TV show, MTV Cribs is BACK. And it’s had millennial social media make-over. Yep, you heard right – launched in 2000, the MTV cable network show is coming back exclusively on Snapchat. To the person who came up with this idea, we salute you, you clever clever thing. 

Seeing as we’re already obsessed with peaking into the private lives of the oh-so rich and famous (Kylie jenner, I see you and your LA mansion snapping away more than enough. Yes, I’m guilty) the network are reviving the Cribs series as short-form programs that you can view from the palm on your hand. Thanks guys, so considerate of you. 

Now, I don’t know about you but I would love to see an exclusive Cribs snapchat with The Queen, or maybe J Lo. Definitely J Lo. It’s expected to launch in June and Mac Miller, Austin Mahone and Travis Mills are already in the pipeline. I dont actually know who any of the before mentioned people are, but I just googled them and I probably should know who they are, so BRB just gonna do some research before June. So for now, just going to leave the best Cribs known to mankind here. Blue boys, we hope you're all sleeping in double beds now. 

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