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Who Is Millie Bobby Brown - The Girl Behind Stranger Things\' Eleven

Who Is Millie Bobby Brown - The Girl Behind Stranger Things' Eleven

The Debrief: The actress who plays Eleven from Stranger Things is an excellent human being. Here's her background.

Stranger Things is coming back for season 2. Which means Eleven, the shaven haired girl with the obsession with Eggo waffles is also coming back. Here's everything you need to know about Millie Bobby Brown who plays her.

What is Millie Bobby Brown's age?

Let's get this out of the way ASAP. She's 12. She was born in 2004. Oh my gosh.

What is Millie Bobby Brown's Instagram?

Catch her on @milliebobby_brown. And prepare yourself for like, a zillion pictures of Millie and the boys from Stranger Things hanging out being super cute.

Is Millie Bobby Brown from Spain?

Well she was actually born in Marbella. But her family's British. This presumably means she'll be able to get that sweet, sweet EU passport we're all going to be coveting so much in the next few years. Her family moved over to Orlando, Florida in 2011. Basically, she  grew up in all your favourite holiday destinations.

Millie Bobby Brown's rap

Was probably the greatest thing you've ever seen. Here she is rapping Monster on the Jimmy Fallon show.

Who are Millie Bobby Brown's parents?

Her dad Robert, is an estate agent and her mum is called Kelly. According to an interview Millie did with the Mail, her parents nearly went broke trying to help Millie's dream of acting a reality, even having to borrow money off Millie's manager. Eventually they had to move back to the UK to live with Millie's aunt. Millie stayed and got the part of Eleven in Stranger Things. The family came back.

Millie Bobby Brown's Twitter

It is @milliebbrown. She tweets a lot of Instagram pics and keeps followers updated on her day. Oh, there's good Stranger Things fan memes too.

Millie Bobby Brown's Snapchat

It is also milliebbrown. Expect on-set hijinks.

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