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Magic Mike XXL Is Out Today So Let\'s Revisit Scenes From The First One

Magic Mike XXL Is Out Today So Let's Revisit Scenes From The First One

The Debrief: We revisit the best dance scenes from Magic Mike. Because it's XXL in more ways than one. Am I right, ladies?!

Channing Tatum's neck is back. I mean, so is the rest of him, but that neck. I'm certain it's grown since the first Magic Mike, but I digress. Today Magic Mike XXL drops into cinemas across the country and I imagine women everywhere are already withdrawing their symbolic $1 bills in solidarity. If you're not one of these ladies, then you should be because the film is bloody excellent. I admit that if you're looking for a stunning piece of cinematography and story lines deeper than rock hard abs and perfect butts, then you're in the wrong place. For pure entertainment though, it cannot be beaten. To get your in the mood for the next instalment of crotch thrusting and body popping, here's the five best dances scenes from the original Magic Mike. You can expect even greater things from the new one, I promise.

It's Raining Men

Oh yes it is.

The Solo Pony Dance

Chan doing what he does best. Look out for it in XXL, too.


The Kid's First Dance

If I'm being honest, calling this a 'dance' is pushing it. It looks distinctly like I'll-just-get-a-bit-naked-and-hope-for-the-best kinda jig to me. But as it's Alex Pettyfer, I'm willing to forgive and forget.

Dallas Strips

We don't get the pleasure of seeing Matthew McConaughey (aka Dallas) strip, until one of the last scenes (apparently he wasn't supposed to get one in the original script, so he asked for one, fair play) and I, for one, am glad he did.

The House Party Scene

I would like to go to a house party like this, please.

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