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12 Times We Fell In Love With Ollie Locke. Oh, How We\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll Miss Him

12 Times We Fell In Love With Ollie Locke. Oh, How We'll Miss Him

The Debrief: Heartbroken by the news that Ollie is leaving Made In Chelsea? Us too. Let's revisit his best bits.

It may be sunny outside but we’re feeling sad. Our champagne has turned to cava, our cashmere feels acrylic, and we’ve just found a hair in our lobster roll. Ollie Locke, owner of the biggest heart and shiniest hair in Chelsea, is abandoning our screens in order to promote his new dating app Chappy. While we wish him every success with his brand new business, we’re gutted to see him go - so we’re celebrating Ollie’s awesomeness with a list of our very favourite Made In Chelsea moments. Ollie, this is your (lovely, luxurious) life!

Ollie does the door

When we met Mr Locke for the very first time, he was doing doorman duty at Raffles for Amber Atherton’s (remember her?!) jewellery launch. We suspect Ollie would be the first to admit that he’s probably the least threatening doorman in the world, but we soon learned that his presence enhances every party, and he’s handy with a clipboard


Ollie might be king of the crisp, clean shirt, but he has always been keen to try outdoor pursuits - notably when he took Chloe Green fishing in series two. He hadn’t bargained for Binky and Cheska showing up, larking about and upsetting his bait. ‘MY WORMS!’ cried a distraught Ollie, as everyone else cackled into their white wine.

Roller disco date

Sadly sparks didn’t fly when Ollie met Chris, but the pair gave it a good go and tried to have a romantic moment on a Vauxhall roller rink. Perhaps the postcode was offputting - it might be easier for him to meet someone on wheels if he was a bit nearer Fulham…

Fiiiiiiighting for love

Ollie’s first girlfriend on the show, Gabriella, took their break up badly - she had a whole song about how important it was to fight for your love, even though Ollie would probably have rather have had a fight with Mike Tyson. Ollie remained the picture of dignity as Gabriella wept snotty tears all over his Union Jack blazer.

The naked pineapple photo shoot

When Ollie decided to get into modelling, his approach was a little unorthodox. He went to Hyde Park with an SLR, his pals, and a collection of fruit. Ollie is gloriously comfortable with his bare body, even on a chilly day. However, the meanie model agency man was not impressed with the pics, and suggested that Ollie cut off his glorious mane of hair. Nooooo!

The break up with Chloe

Poor Ollie has been on both sides of the breakup conversation, and we’ll never forget hearing his harrowing sobs when Chloe came over to end the relationship. We know his tears were real because they made his Fake Bake go all streaky.

Keeping calm and confronting JP

None of us were impressed when JP announced that he wanted to win Binky back at the start of series 12, but Ollie was seriously upset. He’d seen the damage JP had done, and he’d just helped Binks to put her life back together. Ollie remained reasonable and said what we were all thinking when he told JP to come back 'with his tail between his legs' as JP bizarrely screamed 'I’M A GENTLEMAN!' over and over again. The feud raged for over a series and absolutely everyone was #TeamOllie.

Ashley discovers his gay porn DVDs

When Ollie briefly dated Ashley James, it didn’t take long for us to realise that it was a Roy Walker relationship - it was good, but it wasn’t right. They broke up quickly after Ashley discovered some gay porn in his DVD collection. Ashley made a big deal about this, Ollie did not make a big deal about the fact that it’s really weird to alphabetize someone else’s DVD collection without asking.

Getting a spanking lesson

Education is important, and it’s thanks to Ollie that MIC fans know about the full functionality of the human buttock. Binky and Cheska whacked his ‘sweet spot’ with a ‘leather implement’ and Ollie groaned - we still don’t know whether it was pleasure or pain, or both. 

Defending himself against a mean Mark Francis

We thought it was impossible not to like Ollie, but Mark Francis turned on him during a bafflingly unfestive Christmas dinner at the end of Series 10. Ollie kept his composure and stuck up for himself, but it was so upsetting that Toff burst into tears and Victoria turned on Cheska, calling her a “******* fat ******* turkey.” No-one felt like reading our their cracker jokes after that. 

Trying to get Binky together with Julius

As part of his Project Protect Binky campaign, Ollie made it his business to keep his best pal out of JP’s arms and in the eye line of handsome new boy Julius. We really thought it might work! It didn’t, but it showed that Ollie really is born to matchmake - he’s practically Cilla, but with a posher haircut.

Organising the party pinatas

Our favourite Ollie is Uncle Ollie, and as he put together the gender reveal party we had the chance to see what a good friend he is to Binky, and how much he’s matured - he’s able to put aside his anti-JP feelings in order to be part of his friend’s family. He’s going to be the best uncle ever! Even if we’re still a  bit concerned about his suggestion for a Game Of Thrones themed bash in which everyone is armed with spears…

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