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The Made In Chelsea Cast Tell Us What Advice They’d Give Their 17-Year-Old Self

The Made In Chelsea Cast Tell Us What Advice They’d Give Their 17-Year-Old Self

The Debrief: Maybe some forward thinking for Sam Prince (har har)

We all know that being 17-years-old was a nauseating blend of UCAS forms, house party-related FOMO and chin acne. We envisioned ourselves to have been effortlessly cool and would swan around college like Serena van der Woodsen (or Vanessa, if we're being realistic) but instead we would spend our lunchtimes hid in the toilets whilst Googling 'how to make friends whilst passing my A Levels whilst pretending I don't have social anxiety'. 

If I could give myself 17-year-old self advice, it would be ‘don’t you dare bleach your hair using a paintbrush in your best friend’s garden, it WILL go yellow and your poor mum will almost go into cardiogenic shock’. I’d also tell myself to stop falling madly in love with boys who didn’t even know of my existence (love YOURSELF, hun!) and finally, I’d tell myself, that I will never ever be a size 6 and that is OKAY. Your body is best when it’s strong, full of energy and not full of sloshy diet cola and cuppa soups.

But enough about me. What about the dazzling Made In Chelsea cast? Would the dewy-skinned Sloane folk have regrets about their late adolescent years? What would they say if they saw 17-year-old them and had the opportunity to grab themselves by the ears and shout ‘DON’T DO THAT!’ or ‘DO MORE OF THAT, PLEASE’

We found out.  

Louise Thompson

'I'd say one major thing don't be in a relationship just for the sake of it. It's better to be independent than just co-dependant. If you're with someone just because you want a boyfriend, then get rid. I had a lot of that. Also, don't sweat the small stuff! Don't worry about little things, I just don't really care what people think anymore, I used to care a lot. Way too much! Mainly what people thought of me, when you can detach yourself from that, you will be much happier.' 

Victoria Baker Harber

'Don't overpluck your eyebrows! Get laser body hair removal. Don't jump into bed with boys too soon, that's your strongest currency. Be nice to your parents, oh and don't think that you are special. Everyone is replaceable to some degree, unfortunately. First boyfriends, you don't usually end up with them, you think you will at the time, but whatever heartbreak you have, you will get over it!'  

Mimi Bouchard 

'Don't care what people think about you! I used to care SO much about what people thought of me and I wouldn't do things and I would act differently because I was so scared of being judged. I would tell my 17-year-old self to be truly herself and do what you truly want to do. Stop caring what people think! Who even remembers those girls in high school you wanted to impress? No one.'  

Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo 

'Invest in a really good hairbrush and use it!' 

Daisy Robins

'Behave yourself on nights out! Read into as you like, but just be careful about knocking up the numbers... not that I've knocked up the numbers, but I just should have been wary. Oh and don't drink so much!' 

Olivia Bently

'Probably to choose my friends more wisely and not to hang out with people I shouldn't hang out with.'  

Julius Cowdrey

'I wish I gave more of a shit. I had just left school and I was less driven and loving London. I only started becoming driven with my music from the age of 22.' 

Ella Willis

'To dream big, work hard and to make the most of opportunities. I also wish I had looked into American universities at the age of 17 because I think it's such a cool opportunity.' 

Frankie Gaff

'I'd cut out a few of my ex-boyfriends! I would have probably met Jamie a bit later on... other than that, be happy with life!' 

Emily Blackwell

'Mine would be to remember that everything happens for a reason. I think you learn from your mistakes!' 

Sam Prince

'I wouldn't get into a relationship. I had a relationship which was no fun, I moved in with my girlfriend at 18 and it was a fucking nightmare! I'm kind of glad I did it though, because I learned so much.'

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