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My Mad Fat Photo Diary

What Happens Behind The Scenes On My Mad Fat Diary

The Debrief: The Debrief's photo diary of a day spent behind the scenes with the wonderful My Mad Fat Diary cast and crew

A few months ago I got invited down to the set of my absolute all-time favourite TV show; My Mad Fat Diary. I was to be an extra on the set while they filmed the third and final series (OMFG). So off I went.

In case you're not familiar, the show follows Rae Earl, a teenager growing up in the mid-’90s dealing with body issues, mental health and erm, a real hankering to get laid. Everything about the show; the style, the characters and the themes, resonate MASSIVELY with anyone who grew up in the ’90s so naturally, we couldn't wait to get ourselves over there and find out what it's really like being part of such an important piece of TV drama.

The third and final (sob) series is airing this month on E4 and I managed to get a few juicy tidbits about what we can expect when I met the cast. Jodie (Chloe to you and me) hinted at a something getting in the way of her studies and there's a new kid on the block, that of Katie Springer played by Faye Marsay who better just stay away from Finn and Rae (cos they are the Ross and Rachel of this decade right?)

My Mad Fat Diary is on E4 22nd June at 10PM

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