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9 Bits Of Unexpected Wisdom From Gilmore Girls’ Luke Danes

9 Bits Of Unexpected Wisdom From Gilmore Girls’ Luke Danes

The Debrief: Luke served up way more than just coffee, you know

While the Gilmore Girls brought us so many things – like a (un)healthy appetite for coffee, a sudden desire to move to an obscure small town with quite literally nothing going on and a Bechtel-friendly portrayal of successful, funny and intelligent women, it also gave us Luke Danes.  

I’m sure none of us needs telling that Luke is great. We’d all been rooting for him from the beginning and quickly found in him the unobtrusive father figure that we didn’t know we wanted for ourselves. And while he could be so well depended upon for free coffee (does anyone remember Lorelai paying?) and carpentry, let’s give credit where credit’s due because Luke also had some really good advice. Sometimes. 

If you find yourself stuck for what to do in a situation, it might serve you well to look to Luke Danes, the unlikely plaid-clad source of life advice who you probably overlooked in the series. Here are some examples to get you by. 

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1. When your mate wants to arrange a night out

Luke: ‘When you make plans, then you have expectations, and when you have expectations, they… you will get disappointed’. 

Because deep down you know that when it comes to the night of, you really won’t want to go out anyway. So you may as well say no now…



2. When you want to go somewhere new for brunch this weekend 

Luke: ‘Tradition is a trap that allows people to stick their head in the sand.’ 

Because there are so many variations of smashed avocado and poached egg on toast out there, and they deserve to be tasted. 



3. When you’re scouting best friend material 

Luke: ‘It’s so good to have someone to share this hate with.’

Because we’ve all seen the memes. The best friendships are born from mutual disdain. Luke and Lorelai probably wouldn’t be friends if one of them got on with Taylor. 



4. When you’re really pissed off and don’t know how to fix it

Luke: ‘Violent pencil-tossing usually signals a need for pie.’

Because sugary treats solve everything. 



5. When it’s time to call it quits on a relationship you’re fallen out of love with

Luke: ‘It’s not your fault. It’s not my fault. It’s just, we’re not right together, you know? You’re you, I’m me. I just want to stop pretending we’re something else’.

Because even though this was a very emotional episode for which we spent most of our time screaming at the screen willing Luke not to call it off with Lorelai, sometimes it’s okay to accept that things aren’t working out. 



6. When you’re suddenly suffocating under a mountain of work that came out of nowhere 

Luke: ‘Don’t add stuff from your to do list to my to do list.’ 

Because you’ve got your own shit to do. Don’t let people decide it’s your job to do theirs too. You’ve gotta look after number one, kid. 



7. When you can’t find the will to study

Luke: ‘What you’re doing right there with the books, very good.’

Because, quite simply, what you’re doing *is* good. Regardless of how shit it feels. 



8. When your mate wants to leave da club early

Luke: ‘Finish up. We’ll hold hands and skip afterwards’. 

Because you made it all the way out and neither of you are quitters. 



9. When someone asks you a difficult question you don’t have the answer to

Luke: ‘My blood sugar's low. I'll eat an apple and get back to you.’ 

Because this is perhaps the most sarcastically evasive intelligent response to a question I’ve ever seen. How do ya’ like them apples? 



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