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Why You Really Should See La La Land This Weekend

Why You Really Should See La La Land This Weekend

The Debrief: It didn’t win seven Golden Globes for nothing, you know

It’s still January, it’s cold and wet and slushy, and you’re probably skint. Normally we wouldn’t recommend leaving your house and forking out upwards of £12 for a cinema ticket under these conditions, but when it’s the only way to see Golden Globe record-breaking movie La La Land, it’s 100% necessary.

Featuring everyone’s favourite co-stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, as struggling actress Mia and jazz aficionado Sebastian, here’s why you absolutely should see La La Land this weekend.

It has a beautiful score

Two of the Golden Globes La La Land ran away with last weekend were for its soundtrack alone: Best Original Score for composer Justin Hurwitz and Best Original Song for City Of Stars. And rightfully so, because without the music for its stars to dance, sing and play to, La La Land would be nothing.

The chemistry between Gos and Stone is, as always, incredible

If Ryan wasn’t happily together with Eva Mendes IRL, we would totally be rooting for him to get with Emma. Even when they’re pretending to hate each other near the start of the movie, they still totally love each other, and when they're actually meant to love each other it's just fire. 

The costumes are fabulous

From the opening scene on the LA freeway, to the pool party where Mia and Sebastian meet again, the costumes are all super vibrant, romantic and retro-inspired. 'I wanted women in the audience to be wooed by Ryan, and the men to feel romantic about Emma,' costume designer Mary Zophres told The Hollywood Reporter.

The dancing will make you want to dance

As in, actually take tap lessons, because tapping your feet in the cinema when Mia and Sebastian are doing their routine just won’t be enough.

And you'll probably sign up for piano lessons, too

Ryan Gosling learned how to play piano in three months for the role, but he plays it damn well, and when you know that it kind of makes you think you could too. 

John Legend is in it

Who doesn't love John Legend? Sadly no Chrissy Teigen, though. 

It has an unexpected ending

Or does it? La La Land definitely does not follow the tried and tested 'and they all lived happily ever after route', but depending on how you feel by the end of the film, you'll either be shook or relieved with how it all turns out. But our money's on shook.

La La Land is in cinemas nationwide now

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