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Julius Cowdrey From Made In Chelsea

Meet Julius Cowdrey, The Guy You Definitely Fancy From Made In Chelsea

The Debrief: Get to know what's behind those big brown eyes

You know that horrifying moment when you introduce one friend to one of your other friends and then have to sit back and watch as they're suddenly swept up in a love storm of tagging each other in memes, Instagrammed brunches and laughing about words like ‘potato’ only to dismissively tell you that ‘you had to be there har har har.’ 'Erm hello? Hiya? What about me? I MADE THIS HAPPEN!!', you scream internally. Sound familiar? That's basically what is going on in Made in Chelsea right now, folks. It’s bloody brutal.

Olivia’s posh friend has transformed into Kensington’s most eligible bachelor - Julius Cowdrey is the man on everyone’s lips (literally).

Naturally, we have many questions. Like, how do his eyes look an exquisite pool of triple chocolate fudge cake? Is it normal that we want to record his voice and play it to ourselves on a 90’s walkman to get us through our Sunday evening existential crisis? We will probably never know for sure. But, here is what we *do* know about Made In Chelsea’s Julius. Jotters at the ready. 

How old is Julius?

He is 24-years-old. Or 288 months if you fancy being difficult. Does 288 months sound like a reaaaaaally long time or no time at all? Let's dwell on this for a bit. 

When is his birthday? 

If you want to post an embarrassing photo on his Facebook wall (you know, if you're somehow already FB mates), then make sure you do it on the 30th January. You can’t just do it on a normal day, cos that’s just a bit mean innit. 

What school did he go to?

Tonbridge School in Kent, which is a ‘leading boarding school for boys’, apparently. 

How come Julius is on Made In Chelsea? What do his family do? Cowdrey sounds familiar...

Julius comes from a cricketing background where is dad Chris Cowdrey and grandfather Colin Cowdrey both captained the England team during their very successful sporting careers. Julius also followed in his family’s footsteps and played for Sevenoaks cricket club. 

Can we listen to Julius' music?

Oh, you heard about that, did you? Well, the back story is that he was into music from a young age and started writing songs at 16 and to tell you the truth, he is pretty talented. He has gigged at many swanky venues including The Troubadour in London and Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood. Casual.

He currently has two singles which might be nice to have in the background as you send a few emails and learn a new shortcut in Excel.

One is called 7 Roads (I See you) which is enchantingly moody and we strongly recommend listening to it whilst on the number 53 bus on the way home from a shit date. 

The other single, which was released in March, is called Everyday and is a little more of a drinking-a-mojito-whilst-shimmying-on-your-lilo-in-Marrakech kinda vibe. 

Julius covering Harry Style’s Sign Of The Times will legitimately make the hairs on your arm stand on end and it’s great to listen to as you iron your extra ruffle-y shirt from Zara on a Sunday evening. Julius caters for every occasion.


Who’s his girlfriend?

Fellow co-star and second-year university student Ella Willis who was won over by Julius when he took her out on two dates in one day. She even bent her ‘no kiss until the fifth date’ for him. He then uploaded an Instagram picture of the twosome with the caption ‘She so pretty’. How cute is that on a scale of 0-10? ELEVEN MATE.  



She so pretty

A post shared by Julius Cowdrey (@jlcowdrey) on Apr 24, 2017 at 12:44pm PDT


Is Julius gay?

Well, he is dating Ella Willis so that would be a storyline and a half. 

What’s Julius’ Twitter?

You can follow Julius for updates on his music and general life @juliuscowdrey. You know you want to.  

What’s his Insta, I wanna see his version of avo on toast? 

You can follow Made In Chelsea’s Julius at @jlcowdrey. You're welcome.

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