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We Spoke To Made In Chelsea\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s JP And I Made A Dick Out Of Myself

We Spoke To Made In Chelsea's JP And Made Dicks Out Of Ourselves

The Debrief: And I made a total dick out of myself

A few weeks ago, we sat down with some of the chaps off everyone’s favourite scripted reality show Made In Chelsea. The chaps in question? JP, Myttons, Jamie and Elliot.

It was a little intimidating. I listened back to my recording of the interview afterwards and I giggled like a fucking idiot throughout the whole thing. I don’t know whether it was the tans, the aroma of expensive musky aftershaves or the fact that JP’s arms are bloody massive, but either way, I behaved like a right dick. Here’s a picture to prove it.

We Spoke To Made In Chelsea's JP And I Made A Dick Out Of Myself

Look how creepy I look. Like a 2015 version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Child Catcher except, instead of children, I aim to capture strapping young men from a part of town I can’t ever afford to live in.

Anyways, here’s what happened...

Did you enjoy LA? (Giggle giggle)

Jamie: LA is super fun and amazing. But it is a lot of bullshit.

Myttons: Quite similar to where we live then.

Tell me about the new boy on the show

Myttons: A very muscular bloke.

JP: Half horse, isn’t he?

Jamie: He’s a centaur.

JP: We’re trying to get good ratings on the show so we wrote to Narnia and got a centaur.

Jamie: Mr Tumnus is a faun. A dirty little faun.

Well that took an unexpected turn. In terms of Binky stuff JP, what’s the deal?

JP: At the time, even now... The decision I made, I still stand by it. I just handled the situation wrongly, but it was quite overwhelming for me. I think people were quick to judge how I handled it. Everyone’s been in a relationship and you may have made mistakes in the past. It’s how you rectify which I think is key. Binks and I are on good terms now.

People said sleeping with her gave her the wrong impression, what do you think about that?

JP: That’s the one thing that really frustrated me: the topic of us sleeping together. It wasn’t a case of me sleeping with her and then me leading her on and sacking her off. That was the girls’ own interpretation and how they fabricated it. But each to their own, I guess that’s how they wanted to defend her.

How do you manage to have good relationships?

Myttons: Do not cheat. I have to find someone that doesn’t take my shit.

Did Binky take your shit?

JP: No, she flushed it.

Myttons: Relationships are never clean sailing. It’s always difficult, but things are good now so I’m happy.

Do you guys believe in monogamy?

Jamie: I always think, how sweet would it be that if when you turned 21, your parents gave you a map and said, ‘Here son or daughter, here’s your map of the world’ and on the map there was a blinking red light and that was your soulmate. Could be in Antarctica and you could choose to go and find your soulmate.

Myttons: And what happened if you turned around and it was me?

Jamie: I’d be down for that, I’d be chuffed mate.

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