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Joey And Chandler Didn\\\\\\\'t Go To Rachel\\\\\\\'s Wedding. The Dream Is Dead.

Joey And Chandler Didn't Go To Rachel's Wedding. The Dream Is Dead.

The Debrief: I (won't) be there for you

OBVIOUSLY we know that IRL Jennifer Aniston isn't Rachel and that Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc are actually Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc and not Miss Chanandler Bong and Joey Tribbiani. But, because Friends makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, there's a little bit of us that wants to believe the gang are still hanging out in that apartment in Greenwich Village, watching Ross play barking sounds on his keyboard.

So thanks to Matthew Perry then for shattering that dream. After the joyful news three days ago that Courteney Cox stayed at Jennifer Aniston's wedding until the wee hours, we've just found out that Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc didn't actually know about it. Entertainment Tonight asked Matthew about the wedding at a party yesterday and Matthew said: 'I was surprised. I didn't know about it.' Obviously realising the DEVASTATING IMPACT THESE WORDS WOULD HAVE ON THOSE OF US WHO ARE MORE THAN A LITTLE OBSESSED, Matt LeBlanc added: 'The girls were there, you've got to have the girls there.'

So, that happened.

Now though, one question remains... DID ROSS GO?

Fuckssake, sorry guys. Heavy reality check needed.

In case you ARE still suffering from a Friends withdrawal severe enough to send you into a dissociation with reality spiral of the kind you see above, then give Comedy Central a massive thank you. The channel have just announced FRIENDSFEST. Which sees the Boiler House in East London being changed into a full scale replica of Monica's apartment and Central Perk. Plus, you can get your hair blow-dried just like Rachel's.

Get tickets here.

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