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Jeremy Corbyn Is Going To Be On GoggleBox. Place Your Bets On Who’ll Be Joining Him

The Debrief: Stormzy’s a definite 2/1. Theresa May on the other hand…

Gogglebox is one of those rare television programmes that, at its purest, is little short of genius. If we ignore the fact that it’s very existence as a Channel 4 programme probably means that there are teams of very clever producers who orchestrate at least some of the magic that appears on our screens each week, Gogglebox serves as a reminder watching other people watch stuff is way more entertaining than watching the stuff yourself. 

The beauty is that we feel like we know the cast really well now. Sandy’s departure from the show was an emotional loss for all, Scarlett assent to reality TV stardom felt as much of a personal achievement for us as it did for her and Leon and June are the surrogate grandparents we’d always wanted from two amusing strangers who sit in armchairs on the telly.  

If you’re already starting to tire of this year’s cast members though, a familiar face is about to invite us into his (pretend) living room for one episode only. The Labour party’s very own Jeremy J-Corbz Corbyn is going to be on the celebrity special of Gogglebox as part of this year’s Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser and shit, we have high hopes for whoever’s going to be joining him.

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It’s not yet been released who will be joining Corbyn on the sofa to discuss really important things television things like who’s going to win Bake Off, how hard the Celebrity Hunted hunters are actually hunting celebrities and whether or not Nicole Scherzinger chose the right contestants to take through to the X Factor live shows. But we’ve got a few people in mind. Place your bets, please… 

Stormzy:  2/1

No one would be surprised to see the Grime Boy Wonder appear on the sofa next to Corbz. In fact, we’re almost expecting it after their paths crossing so many times this year at various award ceremonies and such. We reckon Stormzy would be down. If he’s game for a Love Island cameo and guest judging on the X Factor, we have faith in him saying yes to chatting shit with Corbz in front of the box for a few hours. Surely.

Nick Clegg: 11/1

We don’t think Corbyn would be too keen on sharing the sofa with another politician, but Nick Clegg technically isn’t one anymore and lol this would be entertaining, no?  

JME: 4/1

#Grime4Corbyn. That’s all I’m saying…

Ed Sheeran: 6/1

Ed’s charitable, right? He’s into this sort of thing. Ed Sheeran loves a cameo TV appearance. He can’t perform at the moment on account of all of his broken arms, so he should be free. This could happen. God knows what they’d talk about, but this could definitely happen.  

Theresa May: 19278/1


Laura Alvarez: 113/2

The chances of Jeremy Corbyn's wife Laura showing up are pretty slim to be fair. She tends to keep a low profile, particularly throughout the periods of political campaigning, but who knows. 

Gemma Collins: 9/1

Gemma Collins is living her best life via every possible medium out there. And the meme potential is just too amazing to not have her on this list. 

Joey Essex: 16/1

Purely because he hasn’t been about for a while since all the Educating Joey Essex stuff.  

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