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90s Cult Classic Jawbreaker Is Being Made Into A TV Series

The Debrief: The 90s version of 'Mean Girls' is moving from the big to the little screen and we can't wait

Hold the phone - the most deadpan teen comedy and sassiest cult classic is getting made into a TV series. Jawbreaker was pretty much the 90's answer to Mean Girls, capturing the bitchy, superficial and hilarious world of High School all too well.

Original creator Darren Stein is back at it again and heading up E!'s TV series adaption. Naturally we're expecting only the most fabulous things. Creator Darren Stein teased fans with what they can expect from the new series, ‘It has the candy-coloured yet dark aesthetic of the film and begins with a death that may or may not be accidental. And of course there’s an epic makeover.’ Considering we’ve been waiting almost 20 years for this news (since 1999, not that we're counting or anything...) - we're overjoyed. 

For those of you less familiar with Jawbreaker, the story goes: the three most popular girls from a Beverley Hills High School accidentally kill / cold-blooded murder (it's open to debate) the prom queen and fourth member of their ‘Flawless Four’. This all happens when a kidnapping incident goes awry and their victim chokes to death on a jawbreaker. (Trust me, the whole thing is just as bonkers and brilliant as it sounds.)

Jawbreaker gave its lead star Rose McGowan her big break. McGowan totally nails the part of Courtney (a.k.a the Regina George). Not forgetting Judy Greer, you remember her as Jennifer Garner's goofy best friend in 13 Going On 30? Well, see her playing not so nice this time around as one of the 'Flawless Four'. Oh, and Tatyana Ali stars in it - you know, none other than Ashley Banks from The Prince Of Bel Air. No biggie…Plus, not only is the humour razor-sharp, the 90’s style nostalgia is to die for. 

Made on a shoesring budget in a matter of weeks, Jawbreaker failed to break even and was seen as a bit of a flop. Still, this didn't stop a large cult following growing (if you like Heathers, you'll love this). No date has been confirmed for the TV series yet but consider this a generous heads-up to watch the original. Here are some memes to get you in the mood:


Don't We All?



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Perfecting Our Resting Bitch Face 



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Peachy. Keen.



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The Devil Wears Heels



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