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Heidi And Spencer Are The Subject Of A Film. What A Time To Be Alive

Heidi And Spencer Are The Subject Of A Film. What A Time To Be Alive


Today we learned about a guy called Will Rebein.  Will is a 22-year-old film student in New York who’s just made the film of the year. It’s called SPEIDI and i’s 138 minutes of clips of Heidi and Spencer Pratt cut together to create a real documentary that artfully narrates the downfall of one of reality TV’s most notorious couples.

It’s a pretty tough watch. In fact, you end up feeling spectacularly sorry for Heidi.

Perhaps this means that Heidi and Spencer should make their own film. One telling their side of the story – who knows what stuff got covered up in The Hills’ production company’s bid to make explosive TV?

Before we go down that road though, there’s a few things we need to consider...

Previous cinematic outputs haven’t been promising

Cast your mind back, if you will, to the heady days of 2008. Ugg boots were still acceptable footwear, Natasha Bedingfield was still in the charts and Heidi Montag decided to release a single. With a video created by known cinematic genius Spencer Pratt.

On the off chance you’ve managed to block both the song and its visual offerings from your conciousness, take another look below. It’s what the term ‘hot mess’ was coined for.

They give good narrative tension

Who can forget perhaps one of the most unexpectedly touching moments from The Hills, when Heidi, complete with brand new face, went to show the results of her plastic surgery to her lovely mum in that lovely house they owned in Colorado.

‘Are you telling me I don’t look good?’ Heidi struggles to say through her newly puffy lips. ‘Maybe you should rephrase the question,’ Mom replies.

None of The Hills cast will appear

Those bridges got burned a long old time ago. As Lauren said, ‘I want to forgive you. And I want to forget you,’ before becoming ‘the girl who turned down Paris’. But that’s another story.

Spencer’s actually a total douche

The years have been kind to Spencer’s reputation. Overriding memories of watching The Hills were that he was just kind of a loveable knob. Watching the clips back now, though? He’s a Machievellian sociopath.

Whether it’s forbidding Heidi from talking about Lauren or telling Heidi’s mum that Heidi doesn’t care about her any more, the man’s a terror. Maybe let’s wait until Heidi’s willing to do the Heidi Movie by herself.

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