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Gogglebox\'s Scarlett Moffatt Is Our Unlikely New Women\'s Equal Pay Hero

Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt Is Our Unlikely New Women's Equal Pay Hero

The Debrief: The outspoken 24 year old had a big old rant on last night's episode

God bless Gogglebox and it's rag tag selection of the Great British Public who spend their evenings watching telly so we can then watch them, watching telly.

It's a pretty bonkers concept sure, and one that someone must have been on all the drugs to sign off on, but, against all the odds, it's become one of the most loved shows on TV.

Amongst the bestest characters lies Scarlett Moffatt, the outspoken 24 year old from County Durham who works as a disability advisor for students and lives with her mum and dad Mark and Betty.

In the first episode of the new series, which aired on Friday, the cast were asked to watch a news report on equal pay. Basically, ICYMI, the story is that companies who don't deal with the difference in salaries between their male and female employees will be called out in league tables available for all to see.

The report had some mixed reponses from the families including a long joke from The Malones about women wanting to get a foot in the door but also wanting men to hold the door open for them because they weren't strong enough (or something) and a dawning realisation from Giles that the reason Mary has always earned more than him is because she's always done more than him. Bonkers that.

Anyways, it was Scarlett who really stole the show. 'It's infuriating. I can't believe it's 2016.' She says. 'And we're still having to protest to get the same amount of money, for doing the same job. And because someone's got a little penis... they get more?'

When Scarlett's dad suggests that some companies must be employing more women because it's cheaper, Scarlett's mum chimes in; 'They probably do - employ a woman to do a man's job but at a man's rate of pay.'

'There's no such thing as a man's job mam!' Scarlett explodes. 'We're all equals. Take that back now. You're confirming to them. You worded it wrong because that's what they want you to think. The fact that you said then "to do a man's job". What the fuck is a man's job?'

'Like, digging holes or something' mumbles Scarlett's mum, seemingly unaware of the hole she's lowering herself into.

'Well why can't a woman dig a hole' Scarlett shoots back indignantly. 'I can dig a hole if I want.'

'You could dig a hole, but not as well as a man...' Says Betty slyly.

'Oh my God.' Says Scarlett. 'That's honest to God... This is why women are on less. From women like you! You need to sort your head out you. You need to get it sorted mam.'

Unsurprisingly the Twittersphere was well and truly behind Scarlett. Who had a little trouble getting to grips with her new found fame as womens' rights activist.

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