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The Film That'll Make You Laugh (Even Though It's Not Meant To) Plus The Hipster Horror That'll Make You Rethink That One Night Stand

The Debrief: Or, be more sensible and spend your pennies on the horror film that's actually good

Every so often a film comes around that by all accounts is enjoyable, but for all the wrong reasons. Like, it's bad, but people in the cinema wind up having a grand old time even though technically, they should have walked out of there and demanded their money back. The best example of this is 2003’s The Room, which was created by this guy and, against all odds is still being screened over and over again in cinemas around the world. How bad is it? Watch this clip below.

The worst right? Try watching the rest of it without a drink.

The Boy Next Door is the latest film being talked about with the line ‘so bad it’s good’ attached to it. But, fret not, The Boy Next Door isn't even in the same league of badness as The Room. The film stars Jennifer Lopez as a hot Mom who gets a new neighbour. Noah is tall, handsome, handy around the house and erm, 20 years old. Nevertheless they get it on but Noah shows up in the high school  that JLo teaches at and, when she spurns his advances, Noah goes batshit, level 12 stalker.

The film is not not enjoyable. For starters, there’s the now much-lauded scene in which Noah gives JLo a ‘first edition’ copy of the Iliad which he picked up for the princely sum of $1 from a garage sale. Thifty. There’s also a spectacular scene in which Noah enters the classroom quoting The Iliad with the determination of someone equipped with a GCSE in drama and a passing recollection of Robin Williams O Captain, My Captain-ing. The acting’s bad, the plot twists tired but, nevertheless the audience I was with had a bloody great time. This sort of thing was what people were going to watch 50 Shades for.

If you don’t fancy spending your money on an elaborate joke, then check out It Follows, which is the actually-good low-budget horror movie that's also out this week. Set in Detroit (it's abandoned neighbourhoods make for a super spooky backdrop) it tells the story of 19-year-old Jay who, rather than finding herself with regular old chlamydia after a one night stand, ends up with something rather more sinister. 

It Follows is a million miles away from the cheap, sexist Bechdel test failing horror flicks that we've come to expect. Instead, Jay and her friends are smart and interesting, accurate in their portrayal of teenagers fresh out of school and stuck at home while they try and figure out their lives. Plus, most importantly, the film somehow manage to make the concept of a sexual bogeyman with blood on his hands seem less like the most ridiculous idea of all time and more like something that'll probably make you think twice next time you make eyes with that fit chap in the pub at 2AM on a Saturday morning.

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