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Game Of Thrones Trailer Gives Us 41 Seconds And We\\\'ve Got A Theory Already

Game Of Thrones Trailer Gives Us 41 Seconds And We've Got A Theory Already

The Debrief: Yes, this article's going to be all-spoilers unless you're up to date on the TV show...

In case you didn’t get the memo, there are spoilers in this article, so really do beware. We’ve warned you, OK?

Anyway, down to business. HBO has released a teaser trailer for the new, sixth season of Game of Thrones and we’ve already got ourselves a theory.

Even though most of the trailer is a fast-paced montage of clips showing a load of scenes from the last five seasons, the way the shots linger on Bran and his older half-brother Jon Snow has given us much pause for thought.


Our theory? Bran has gone so far north into that weird cave that he’s now able to inhabit the mind of Jon Snow, who is dead. We all know that Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, has been back on set as he’s been spotted flying to Ireland, where the wintry scenes are shot, as well as, you know, being spotted on set, dressed as Jon Snow. What we don’t know is what capacity he returns in.

If Bran’s able to inhabit bodies with a simple eyeroll, then he’s able to inhabit Jon Snow. The only issue is, apart from the fact we’re not scriptwriters for the show, is that Jon’s learned so much about being an adult in the past five seasons, what would the point of all that be if he’s simply to be the vessel for his teenage brother’s mind?

Either way, as earnest and annoying as Bran can be, we’re eager to find out where the hell he’s been for the past season.

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