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There\'s A New Crazy Theory About Rachel From Friends

There's A New Crazy Theory About Rachel From Friends

The Debrief: Friends fanatics have come up with another mind-blowing theory, but this time about Rachel.

It’s been over a decade since Friends ended, and to be honest, I’m still mourning. It seems I’m not the only one either, as social media has erupted after yet another fan theory, but this time about Rachel. 

It was all in her dreams

This theory began when somebody looked at the DVD cover for season 4 and asked Twitter why Rachel is the only character on the bed with her eyes open. 

His tweet went viral and it seems as though lot of people came to the conclusion that the entirety of Friends is just one of Rachel’s dreams – bit of a cliché idea, but one of the responses is pretty convincing. 

The ideas and theories that Friends fanatics come up with go from completely ridiculous to dark and twisted, but either way, will make you see the series in a totally different light. 
Here are a few more:

It was all an elaborate advert for Starbucks

So when I said I would show you a completely ridiculous theory, this is what I meant. 


Phoebe is a meth addict and it was all a massive trip

Twitter user @strnks came up with an alternate ending to the one that we know of and cherish so dearly. But brace yourself, because this is probably one of the darkest Friends theories out there.

Luckily, this theory has been written off by Marta Kauffman, co-creator of Friends – and I can finally sleep peacefully again. 

Phoebe’s apartment was set on fire by pornographers

Remember when Phoebe’s apartment burns down in season 6 and we didn’t know whether it was Phoebe’s candles or Rachel’s curling iron? Well, according to, it’s not either of those things. 
This theory suggests that the reason for Phoebe’s apartment burning down was actually because of porn barons. I know, it’s a bit random. But it explains that from a previous episode we see that Phoebe’s sister, Ursula, worked in the porn industry using Phoebe’s name. At the end of the episode, Phoebe steals “a lot” of cheques from the pornographers. It may seem slightly far-fetched but suggests that the pornographers burn Phoebe’s apartment down in revenge for the money she stole. 

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