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Princess Diaries

Films You Can Watch On YouTube When You're Hungover

The Debrief: Watched everything on Netflix? Nothing on TV? Check out these easy-to-watch films to pass the time until you feel better

1. Raising Helen

Back when Kate Hudson was riding high on the top of Rom Com Mountain, Raising Helen is about what happens when a New York City fashion-forward, Cosmo-drinking, gal about town finds herself suddenly dealing with motherhood after her sister dies and entrusts her kids into her care. Luckily she's got hunky priest Aiden-from-Sex-And-The-City on hand to help out.

2. Van Wilder: Party Liasion

One time when I was a teenager I watched this film four times in four days. Then once agian a week later. It's pretty sexist, terribly acted and just stupid enough to make you feel very clever but, on the other hand it does have a great pop-punk American Pie-esque soundtrack and features Tara Reid in her heyday and, in parts, is pretty damn funny.

3. Dogma

An entirely accurate portrayal of what would happen in the world if Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were angels and Alanis Morissette was God.


4. Heathers

Certainly one of the weirdest teen films around but also definitely one of the best. This Winona Ryder starring film is a black comedy that provides an interesting manner in which to deal with those massive bitches in your life. Best not replicated at home.

5. The Princess Diaries

Almost certainly still an excellent film (I say this confidently having watched it in the last few months because I'm super cool). Anne Hathaway in her first big role as the unlikely princess of fictional Genovia.

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