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Films to Watch Netflix If You’re Single This Valentine\'s Day

14 Of The Best Films To Watch On Netflix If You’re Single This Valentine's Day

The Debrief: Fire up the laptop, you're in for a long night

If the closest thing you have to a relationship right now is a Netflix subscription, I’m totally with you pal. I get it and I’m very okay with it because hell, I can make my own damn popcorn and if I hold my laptop to my chest after watching a show for long enough, it feels pretty close to an actual hug from a human (don’t judge me, it’s cold outside).

So if, like me, you have zero Valentine’s Day plans, what better excuse than to make the most of the time alone on what’s meant to be the most romantic day of the year and get comfy with your loyal, loving laptop.

But what to watch, you ask? Well you see, there are varying degrees of single, and they each have different cinematic needs. For example, the newly single probably want a whole load of smushy, gushy ‘look at me in my perfect relationship with a real person’ type romance all up in their MacBook screen. While long-time residents of Single Town may be more open to revisiting the idea of a relationship and might want to watch something that’ll reinstate their faith in the big L.O.V.E. 

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best films that are available to watch on Netflix right now with something suitable for every flavour of single pringle. 

1. First Wives Club 

Looking for a film that legitimately leaves you with the image of women who are both single and happy, get First Wives Club on, friends. We all need role models to look to every now and again, so why not take three in the form of Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton? Watch and learn.  

2. Eat Pray Love

Don’t roll your eyes at me. You knew this was going to be on the list somewhere, so let’s get it over with. Eat Pray Love is one of the breakup stories of our generation and whether you agree or not, it’s a feel-good film that’ll either make you want to finally book a ticket and do the solo travel thing or at the very least give you a hankering for some serious Italian food. Both are great things.   

3. The Sweetest Thing

Retro Cameron Diaz, you guys. This is one of the films that I definitely watched when I was far too young and only realised the extent of inappropriateness many years later. Nevertheless, it’ll probably make you cringe, laugh and appreciate singledom all at the same time. Not the strongest example of quality scripting, but lol, that last scene though. 

4. My Best Friend’s Wedding

I’m just going to assume that everyone has already watched this film and not feel guilty about telling you that the ending is something that we might need to see more of in rom-coms. Shit doesn’t always go to plan. You might not get the guy. But that’s totally okay. As is not being married at the age of 28 (because who makes a pact to marry at 28!?!). 

5. Gone Girl

Rosamund Pike is bloody brilliant, isn’t she? Okay, the newly single/broken up with might assume it's best to completely avoid anything that delves too far into things like marriage and relationship trust issues, but here me out. For one, Gone Girl is one of those great films that you become completely engrossed in after 10 mins or so. And at the very least it might put your past relationship drama in perspective. 

6. Dreamgirls 

What’s a list of films without a musical? For all Dreamgirls does put heavy focus on the tricky relationships between Deena, Effie and Lorrell and the men in their lives, I think that it's really friendship at the core of the story. That, and some bloody good, albeit emotional, music. Beyoncé’s ‘Listen’ might be the cathartic release into singlehood you've been looking for. Just saying. 

7. The Craft

We’ve all wished really hard for magic powers at one point in our lives. So, here’s your chance to live vicariously through these four badass teenage girls in one of the most iconic(ish) films out there. Witchcraft and girl power? On it.  

8. Wild

Did you know that this was based on someone’s real life actual experience? If the story of a 20-something woman walking 1000 miles to try and heal herself after the death of her mother a heroin addiction and a devastating divorce doesn’t make you feel like you can go through shit and come out the other side still standing and feeling better about yourself, then I don’t know what will.  

9. Legally Blonde 

Guy breaks up with girl. Girl goes to Harvard and smashes life. If we skip over the part about applying to Harvard just to win a dickhead boyfriend back (not the coolest of moves, Elle Woods) and the fact that it’s very far from reality then this totally counts as a good film about a single woman doing it for herself, right? Maybe? Kind of?  

10. The Prince Of Egypt

Okay, I may have gone completely rogue over here but, what a film. This will probably fill you with nostalgia for your school days when you probably watched this as many times at home as you did when there was a substitute teacher for R.E. It kind of talks about a completely different type of love which might be all the better right now. But also it's just a really nice film that makes my heart happy by the end of it.&nbsp

11. Shawshank Redemption

You might've spotted this towards the top of lots of 'best films of all time ever' lists if you've ever had a bit of a Google around for something to watch. So if you haven't seen it yet, why not now? While you might not want to get emotional about romance, Shawshank will probably move you in the best of ways. 

12. The Family

The Family is one of those average films that stars a few legit, genuinely credible actors (hello, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones and Diana Agron) that you've probably not really heard about. That said, it's a great option to put on if you're attention span is lacking and you want an easy film that isn't just about a girl falling in love with a guy and getting upset about it. It's about a mafia family who have been relocated to France. Thing Godfather-lite with a couple badass women thrown into the mix. 

13. Insidious 

Aka something shit scary enough to make you completely forget that it's even Valentine's Day. 

14. Brooklyn

So, this one is very much love story. But it's a beautiful one that manages to be both straightforward and emotionally complex at the same time. Only watch it when you're fully prepared to feel all the feels. LOVE IS REAL GUYS. And Brooklyn wasn't nominated for practically every film award for nothing.

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