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Who is Ella WIllis? Made In Chelsea\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Self-Proclaimed \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Brainy Blonde Bombshell\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'

Who is Ella WIllis? Made In Chelsea's Self-Proclaimed 'Brainy Blonde Bombshell'

The Debrief: Who are the Made In Chelsea new girls? Here's your need to know on Julius' new love interest Ella Willis...

Whilst watching Made In Chelsea, it's quite likely that a few of these thoughts will have been swirling through your cranium. 

1) Where is Toff? Has anyone seen her? I'm close to plastering all the 4pints of milk in Waitrose with a photo of the Kensington hun. 

2) Ryan is SO BIG. Is he human or hulk? 

3) Who are all these shiny, new humans trying to outdo Alex Mytton for the pot-stirring crown?

And no, I haven't been riffling through your bins, I promise. I've just been thinking exactly the same thing. 

One of these new humans is Ella Willis, who has already been fluffin' and rufflin' all of the SW3 folk's feathers and she has only been on Made In Chelsea for about five mins. A Spencer Matthews in the making. Tiff is holding Sam on an extra-tight leash while Julius has been trying to fit in as many 'dates' as possible into 24 hours to bag himself a peck on the cheek.

The show has now peaked blonde (a rough estimate of  3987% increase in peroxide since Season 13 started) thanks to newbies Mimi Bouchard, Daisy Robins and of course, Miss Willis, who is not related to Emma by the way. I checked.   

So who actually is Ella Willis? The Debrief found out for you...

How old is Ella?

It's not the impeccable and rather ubiquitous Valencia filter to blame for the dewy skin.... Ella is only 19!  

Which University does she go to?

Note how this question is in present tense. Ellz is still at uni and is a second-year Economics student at Edinburgh. Is juggling expensive brunches and afternoons in your PJs eating cereal out of the box hard? Apparently not.

Ella told The Debrief: 'It’s not difficult going between the two because I enjoy both and if you want something you make it happen, right? At the moment I’m working hard in Edinburgh and playing hard in London - it’s going well so far, even though it’s tiring!' 

What do Ella's family do?

'My parents are separated. My mum deals with alternative medicine and does a lot of yoga, my dad is in finance', Ella said. 'I’ve got a family history of men in finance and I’m kind of going down that route.'  Yup, Ella is a self-proclaimed 'brainy blonde' and though it is a very depressing term (there is no link between hair hue and IQ levels, guyzzz) we can't fault the girl for warrior-like confidence.  

Where does Ella live?

Creepy question? But, since you asked, she resides over in Parsons Green, London.

What does Ella do in her spare time?

Skiing, flying and even has her own helipad. Yeh, us too.  

What's Ella's Instagram and Twitter because I want to like her photos of avocado n' eggs?

At the time of writing, she DOESN'T HAVE EITHER. (Or it might be private, which is doesn't really help any of us. One might say that a private Instagram defeats the whole point. I mean, I have a private Instagrams too. It's is called 'Camera Roll'.)  

What will Ella bring to the show?

Speaking to us before season 13 hit your screens, Ella said: 'Compared to Daisy I stay out of the drama!' which has admittedly made us raise our eyebrows every Monday evening since. But, drama or no drama - Ella Willis is set to be the Sloane sweetheart we wish we were.

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