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Duncan From Blue Is Going To Be In Hollyoaks

Duncan From Blue Is Going To Be In Hollyoaks

The Debrief: Prepare for the collision of two monumental worlds

Soon, two worlds will collide. Two worlds that have shaped the lives of numerous millennials. Those worlds are Blue (as in, the boyband, obviously) and Hollyoaks


Hollyoaks which brought us gem-like story lines such as keeping a dead parent in your attic and trying to kill your friends by locking them in a nautical water tank. And Blue, who brought us musical delights such as this:

Duncan is set to enter the fake Chester suburb of Hollyoaks later this year although a date hasn’t been confirmed. We know what you're thinking: what role is Duncan going to play? Perhaps he'll be the new Warren – the bad boy of Chester (although apparently he's also set to return to the show later this year so this seems slightly unlikely). Maybe another secret son of Tony's? Who, by the way, is the shows only surviving original character – fun fact. Or might he be a member of the McQueen clan? 

Answer: no, to all of the above. 

According to a Channel 4 spokesperson, Duncan will play a character called Ryan who is a 'good guy in a committed relationship who will move into the village. He is a grounded family man with principles and integrity but who will fight tooth and nail for what he believes in.' Boring, right guys?

But if previous storylines are anything to go on, it'll only be a matter of time before Ryan is faking his own death or trying to kill someone. Watch this space.

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