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Dude On The Apprentice Won\'t Take Part In Cooking Because He Has Wife To Do That For Him

Dude On The Apprentice Won't Take Part In Cooking Because He Has Wife To Do That For Him

The Debrief: Sofiane Khelfa refused to be on the manufacturing team for the sweets challenge because, well, he's a bit of a knob.

Sigh. Apprentice candidates aren't know for being the most excellent human beings the world's ever produced. They're next level alpha, self-assured, not great team players and seem to have a real thing with rubbish mantras like 'I can deliver in minus 50 I can deliver in plus 10. If we went to Mars I'd find a way to be excellent.' Real quote there from 2014 candidate Steven.

But yesterday candidate Sofiane Khelfa really took the cake. In real life he works in a 'high-end retail store, negotiating technology sales with high profile clients'. But in the show yesterday he was just a bit of a willy.

The challenge was to make and sell some sweets. Both teams split into a selling team and a manufacturing team. The selling teams went to some high-end end clients to tout their wares whilst the manufacturing team rolled up their sleeves, got in the kitchen and started making fudge, rock and other sugary delights.

One man on team Titan (really) though wasn't happy with being in the manufacturing team. As Sofiane so delicately put it, 'I strongly want to be on the corporate side. I'm not comfortable with the kitchen. I've got a wife who cooks for me so....'

'I didn't want to be in the kitchen. I'm OCD. If there's too many people in the kitchen if I walk in I can't touch anything.'

Obviously Sofiane probably isn't SO much of a knob that he really believes the kitchen is a place just for women, or beneath him, or whatever (we hope) but that fact that he's even using that outdated joke is SO EMBARRASSING. C'mon. If you must make jokes womens' expense then at least upgrade them to include the gender pay gap and/or catcalling. Jeez Sofiane.

Understandably people on Twitter were royally narked off too.




 Sadly, Sofiane lived to fight another week. Let's see what he manages to say next week.

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