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 Dressing As Arya Stark This Halloween

The Lazy Girl Guide To Dressing As Arya Stark This Halloween

The Debrief: We’ve deconstructed your next Game of Thrones costume for you with the clothes you'll actually want to wear *after* that one Halloween party

Dressing up for Halloween is far trickier than it’s made out to be. First off you need to come up with a legitimately cool, interesting costume idea. No one actively *wants* to be the half-assed ‘cat’ girl wearing only eyeliner whiskers and an old wonky Claire’s Accessories circa 2002 style headband with bejewelled pointy ears affixed to the top from. Then, once you’ve settled on a cool, interesting fancy dress idea, you need to actually go out and buy it, all the while trying to justify your purchase on the (small) possibility that you’ll wear that hot dog costume again at some point. 

The dream is obviously to find a costume that involves either purchasing very few items, or one that means you have to buy new stuff that you really will get some use from in the future. Well, we’ve made that dream come true, friends. 

We’ve chosen Arya Stark (because Game of Thrones is never not cool and boy did Maisie’s costume game excel this season…) as said legitimately cool and interesting costume for 2017. And we’ve even deconstructed the outfit down to individual items that you won’t feel so guilty about buying. We’re talking durable leather jackets, practical knee-high boots and a sword…. Hey, you can’t have it all.   

Here’s what we’re aiming for: 

It’s a pity that we’re all probably a bit too old to trick or treat this Halloween because this Arya Stark fancy dress is the warmest costume you’ll ever wear.   

1. The Ayra Jacket


Zip all the way up to achieve Arya’s medieval biker look. 

Leather jacket, £59.00, La Redoute 

2. The Arya Boots


Ideally, we’d be wearing these Ravel, lace ones. You know, for the commitment to costume accuracy. But if the purse strings are already stretched, eBay has loads of similar ones for about £26.99

Leather boots, £125, Raven 

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3. The Arya Skirt

Okay, no. The hemline and button detailing don’t scream Game of Thrones, but. BUT… what a great skirt. Trust us, once you’ve got the sword in hand it’ll be the most ‘Arya Does Office Wear’ item in your wardrobe. If that’s something you’re looking for. 

Asymmetric skirt, £49.99, Zara

4. The Arya Belt


With which to hang your trusty sword, of course. Just make sure you go a size or two up so that you’ve got enough to dangle down the front. 

Belt, £14, Marks and Spencer

5. The Arya Gloves


So your hands don’t get cold while you’re wielding your sword and stuff.

Gloves, £18, Asos 

6. The Arya Cape


Didn’t think you could be a cape person? You can when you’re dressing up as Arya Stark my friend. Drape this over you in a nonchalant manner if you want to make everything that little bit more regal. 

Knit cape, £19.99, Quiz

7. The Arya Sword



What would Arya be without her sword? Yes, we’ve established that you probably won’t use this again anytime soon, but there are plenty over on Amazon and maybe you could use it as an elaborate ornament hung on your bedroom wall afterwards. 

Toy sword, £12.58, Amazon

And voila… 



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