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Clueless Nearly Had A Very Different Cast. Here\\\\\\\'s Who Was Going To Play Who

Clueless Nearly Had A Very Different Cast. Here's Who Was Going To Play Who

The Debrief: Angelina Jolie as Cher? Hmm. Don't think so mate.

Can you imagine the wonderful Cher Horowitz being played by anyone other than Alicia Silverstone? Hells no. Except, as it turns out, she very nearly didn't play her at all.

Twenty years after Clueless came out, Vanity Fair has done a piece about how the film was put together, with input from director Amy Heckerling, Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash and pretty much everyone else who was involved. Today though, they’ve released a snippet of the piece online that involves the gang talking about the casting process and it turns out things could have been very, very different.

Cher was nearly Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow or erm, Kelly from Saved By The Bell

Director Amy Heckerling loved Alicia Silverstone from this Aerosmith video, but the studio were keen to have a look at other girls, too. The studio were into Gwyneth Paltrow (who never actually got seen), Angelina Jolie (she was too ‘knowing’ for Cher's part), Tiffani Thiessen and Reese Witherspoon who they thought was ‘amazing’ but that ‘Alicia was Cher’.

Josh could have been Ben Affleck or Zach Braff

In fact, Paul Rudd was so convinced he didn’t get the part that he shaved his head. Then got a telling off from Amy Heckerling when she spotted him in a restaurant. Ben Affleck’s since told Amy that he read for the part (although she can’t remember) and they’re pretty sure Zach Braff read, as well.

Tai might have been Alanna Ubech

You know Alanna better as Elle Woods’ ditzy brunette sorority sister from Legally Blonde. At the time though, she was nearly cast as Tai in Clueless. In fact, she was going out with Seth Green at the time and he was in the running to play Travis, so it kind of seemed perfect. They said though, ‘Brittany [Murphy] came in, and she was such a standout. She naturally had a funny spirit. Which was great, because Alicia had a different kind of comic spirit. She had a much more sardonic thing. And the chemistry between the two of them was really lovely.’

Murray might have been Terrence Howard

As in, the evil dude from Empire. Definitely doesn’t have the same loveable appeal as Donald Faison who got the part in the end.

Amber, very nearly, was Sarah Michelle Gellar

As in, they really wanted her, but she was appearing on long-running TV soap All My Children at the time and they wouldn’t let her take a break from the show for a couple of weeks to film the movie. Which is a shame. If Cruel Intentions is anything to go by, she would have been fan-freaking-tastic.

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