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Brodie Williams On Masterchef

Who Is Brodie Williams The 27-Year-Old Masterchef Contestant Stealing Our Hearts?

The Debrief: Masterchef has been made ten million times better by a young man called Brodie Williams, so let get to know him, shall we.

I’ve always been an avid fan of Masterchef. From the tension to the gel (food trend, FYI) to the wonderful array of contestants they find, watching Masterchef is one of my favourite ‘ I have nothing to do this evening so I’ll watch TV’ shows. And now, that very show has been made ten million times better by a young man called Brodie Williams. Let get to know him, shall we. 

Who on earth is Brodie Williams?

Ah Brodie Brodie Brodie – can we just take a moment for how fantastic a name Brodie is. I should stop gushing, my boyfriend might get mad. Brodie Williams is a 27-year-old from Cupar, Fife. According to Google, that’s in Scotland – which might explain why you couldn’t place his accent, but also not because he doesn’t sound Scottish…

What did Brodie Williams do before Masterchef? 

He cooked, OBVIOUSLY. But when he isn’t cooking, he studied Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art. 

What does Brodie Williams do now?

He now lives in London, and has been working on his very own cook book, which he is both writing AND illustrating. I'm a couple of episodes behind the show, so I cannot confirm nor deny if he is still going strong. No spoilers please. 

Does Brodie Williams’ have a girlfriend?

He does, she’s called Angela, also a very lovely name. I’m very sorry if I just broke your heart, you’ll get through this. Promise. 

What is Brodie Williams’ Instagram?

He has a cooking Instagram, @brodiecooks – he posts lots of lovely images of his meals. Go follow. 

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