Debrief Staff | Contributing Writer | Monday, 5 September 2016

bridget jones baby screening

Bring Your Mum To Our Bridget Jones' Baby Screening And Have Night Out On Us

The Debrief: Grab your mum and come and see the very very funny Bridget Jones' Baby with us, for free!

What are you doing on Monday the 12th?

Probably sitting in your pants, watching Made In Chelsea re-runs and tearing your way through Sunday night's leftovers (cold naan, mmm).

If you'd like to change that inevitable scenario then why not come and hang out with us and watch a dead good film then sign yourself up for our Bridget Jones' Baby screening at a fancy central London location on Monday evening.

We've seen the film and, without giving too much away, want to give you a heads up that it is (hooray) a return to hilarious form for Bridget who, just because she's got older, hasn't got any better at life. Reassuring proof for us as twenty-somethings that even our elders haven't got a clue what's going on.

We've got 50 pairs of tickets to give away to the screening which is again, on Monday 12th at a central London location. If you want, bring your mum along (Bridget's going to be a mum, there's a theme here) but, if your mum is, like mine, off gallivanting around the world celebrating the fact that you and your brother no longer live at home (fair enough) then you're also welcome to bring someone else.

Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis so, if you want to come down Monday evening for (free) drinks and a film then fill your details in below. We'll give you a shout on Thursday if your application has been successful.

Hopefully see you then!

Love The Debrief and Universal Pictures xx